Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


13. The Morning After the Night Before

"What the hell happened to my car?" Derek's shouts awoke the dazed Harry from his dreamless slumber. Derek pounded with his fist onto the roof of the car, startling Harry and causing him to knee the glovebox, the door dropping open. Wincing in pain of his knee and also of a horrible headache he bent down to close the hatch, but something caught his eye. Harry looked around the car, but Francis wasn't visible anywhere and Derek was moving into the woods, rubbing his now sore fist. Harry cautiously reached into the glovebox and removed the item, It was a model 36 five shot revolver with a J frame, small cheap but effective, behind it lay a box of ammunition. Harry held it in his hands, the tension rising within him. 'Why would a man like this need to buy a weapon?' his thoughts rushing through his head, 'as a precaution for Slender Man? Or for his daughter?' The gun itself looked quite new, it's steal barrel shining in the morning gun. So either it was recently bought, possibly to be used by Derek as he feared for his life due to Slender Man, or Derek was meticulous with keeping it clean, Harry assumed it was the former. 

Quickly, Harry pushed all the weaponry and ammo back into the glovebox and kicked shut the door. Harry then stepped out of the car, his headache slowly fading away. There he met Francis leaning against a tree facing the car, a cigarette firmly between his lips. "Check that shit out," he said pointing at the car, "hell of a state it's in."

"Yes it is," Harry replied, eyeing up the damage while rubbing his tired eyes. All along the bodywork of the car, from the brake lights to the passenger side door was thick long scratches. The shining metal of the cars body was gleaming brightly where the paintwork had been scrapped away. The window of the passenger side door was also damaged, with multiple scratches going downwards, slicing into the glass. More disturbingly was a single mark on the window, it looked to have been scratched on purpose, a symbol. 

"Tell me if I'm wrong Harry," Francis began, taking another long drag on his tab. "That's the symbol of Slender Man on the passenger window, isn't it?" Francis' eyes frowned at Harry's face, who could only nod. "Surely you must have seen something Harry, you were right there!"

"I must have been asleep," Harry lied, trying not to make eye contact. "I'm going to wait for Derek in the car, we still have a while to drive." Harry then sheepishly entered the car again, winded his seat back, and stretched out, getting comfortable for the long drive that lay ahead. Derek finally appeared coming out of the woods, so Francis flicked his cigarette onto the Tarmac and got into the car along with Derek.

So the three of them sat there, not saying a word at first. The uncomfortable silence was broken by the engine of the car starting up. This drive would be longer than Harry thought.

The brown chevy lunged along the winding Interstate 40 towards Arkansas, passing Eufaula lake on the left before crossing a large bridge going right over the man-altered reservoir. The sun was hiding behind large Columbus clouds, who signaled the rains and storms of a central American summer. Tornados are frequent here, as are lightning strikes, and these are the perfect months for events of this type on a dangerously large scale. Keeping one eye on the sky they motored down the highway, tension still high within the station-wagon.

"Can't believe some bastards keyed my car," Derek said after thirty minutes of furious driving. "Vandals."

All Harry could do was shake his head and repeat Derek's words, "Bastards." He kept what he saw last night to himself, he didn't want to start a panic. Even remembering the event caused Harry's eyes to water with fear. Instead he turned his head towards the window and stared out onto the scenery that lay before him. 

Harry didn't travel much, as a kid he promised himself he would see the world, back packing across Asia, hitch hiking down Australia; he planned it all, just nothing materialized. He ended up joining the police force in 1999 as a criminologist investigating violent crimes and homicides. After he joined, time to himself grew more sparse, but Harry didn't mind however, as he was finally doing what he always wanted. Getting relieved of his duties in 2007 hit Harry hard, very hard. Turning private detective some months later helped Harry get over the anxiety he felt, the slaughter of those teenagers in the woods changed Harry as a man, it opened a world that Harry never new; a world of paranormal events, and Slender Man.

Francis stayed silent on the back seat, his face still poured over the contents of the Time magazine that he still had, taking his time to finish it thoroughly. Harry tried to see what was on the front cover but it always seemed to be out of focus, or shining to brightly in the sunlight. It seemed familiar almost, but then again between the cigarettes and that magazine, Francis didn't seem to do anything else to pass his time; talking or conversation wasn't his strong suit. A few spats of rain fell onto the windscreen as they passed into the state of Arkansas, finally getting closer to their destination; only two hundred miles lay between them and Pine Bluff. A few miles down the rain was becoming more severe, at points bringing visibility down to zero. They pulled into the Hampton Inn, situated a couple of miles on the outskirts of Clarksville, Arkansas. 

The three of them dashed into the establishment and out of the pouring rain, together decided to have lunch and wait for the weather to lessen. This would be their last stop before they arrived at their destination, but Derek didn't want to take his chances on the openroad in weather like this, it's so unpredictable Fog had began to rise and flow along the window pains of the inn as they sat waiting to be served, a change of weather noticed by Harry, sending fear back into his weak heart. 
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