Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


10. Journey Across America Pt. 2

Oklahoma is a state full of memories for the two experienced Slender Man enthusiasts. The road they were heading down was only a few miles away from Tulsa, a place of anguish. Two years prior a man was sent to death for the murder and sexual abuse of his own son. A man that went to Harry and Francis for help, help that was given but then scorned by the locals. The duo was then run out of town and hadn't set foot on it's soil since. The media's attack set their careers back; Francis lost his job as consultant psychotherapist and had to go freelance detecting and investigating paranormal activity. Harry, who was working on his book, lost his publishers backing and had to pay himself for it's publication. They never saw or spoke to each other since that event, until this day as they tried to reclaim their lost respect.

The trio found a McDonalds a mile or so down the road and pulled into the drive-through. Three quarter pounders with cheese with large fries later, as well as a much needed bathroom break, they were back on the road. Harry and Francis never said much during their time in Oklahoma. They both knew what each other was thinking, they felt the same level of distain for this hurtful place, the quicker they were in Arkansas the better. It was getting dark so they stopped outside the small town of Henryetta, Derek was exhausted from driving for nearly fifteen hours. 

They pulled into a dirt road next to a small wood and stretched their legs. Derek went into the woods to relieve his full bladder, Francis lit up a cigarette and savored the sweet taste of tobacco on his lips; letting out long slow puffs of smoke which hung effortlessly in the misty air. Harry however stayed within the car, feeling uneasy so close to woodland in the worsening weather, and with the dead of night creeping slowly all around them. A foggy layer grew denser to the point where Harry could only see a small beacon of light coming from one of Francis blend of Marlboro smokes. He rolled down his passenger side window and stuck his head into the finally cooling breeze.

"Francis, how long's Derek been?" A clear level of anxiety in Harry's voice.

"He's been gone like three minutes," Francis began, blowing smoke towards the stars. "Let him piss in peace. This Slender Man tale really gets to you when you're away from your concrete jungle huh?" He continued with a smile on his face, his smugness invisible within the fog.

"It doesn't get to me," Harry lied. "I just appreciate the myth. You've never read much into it have you? do you not believe in the tale?"

"Not really mate." Francis retorted, finishing his cigarette. "All horror tales are the same deep down. If my work has told me anything, it is to expect nothing as true and fully scrutinize the person claiming the phenomenon. Sally probably ran away, Sally may not even exist, Harry." Francis entered the rear of the car, and lay face up on the seats, his arms covering his eyes. "The weirdest thing we'll see is this Derek dude, so you need to chill mate."

Harry couldn't 'chill'. His mind wouldn't let him. Derek finally returned from the woods, dew now sticking to his shabby clothes. Chairs reclined and everyone equally uncomfortable, they attempted to go to sleep. Francis was the first to leave the world on consciousness, his snoring notifying everyone of this, followed shortly by Derek. Harry however lay wide awake, noting every strange noise that was coming from outside. This would become a long night. 
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