Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


11. From the Fog

A crow cowing overhead made Harry aware that it had just gone past midnight. The fog had now entirely encircled the car, as not a thing was visible in any direction. Francis' snoring seemed oddly soothing to Harry's ears, had he too been in the back seat, a small amount of just-friends spooning would almost certainly have made him feel better, though doing nothing but widen the rift between the once good friends. Alas he was left alone at the front to fend for himself against the constant bombardment of his own imagination. 

A brisk wind shook the branches overhead, sending small berries and twigs to fall onto the bonnet, which in turn caused Harry to jump into a state of alertness; eyes glaring out of the front windscreen, daring to not close them, not even for a second. The winds died. Francis' snoring stopped. Silence took over, broken only by the sound of Harry's heart thumping his chest. A wave of nausea washed over Harry, a sinister dizziness caused him to loose his gaze of the outside world and left him slumping back in his seat, unable to even think clearly. With both hands holding his head still he tried sitting up straight, but this attempt left him exhausted. He then tried to reach the backseat and wake his old friend but he found his muscles unresponsive. Harry was terrified. 

Footsteps approached. Harry sat up rigid, his head still spinning in a torrent of illness. A scraping shivered down the metal bodywork of the car, like nails on a black board. The footsteps slowed, the noise grew as it edged closer to the passenger side door. Tears now running down Harry's face, he turned his eyes in horror and looked into the side-door mirror. All he could see was fog. But then, after a few seconds, he caught a glimpse of his assailant. He could only make out a single element, which looked to be a thick, sharp branch slicing into the car. But it looked wrong, Harry though, not quite right. 

Harry's heart had now stopped beating, he felt a hand around his throat, around his soul, squeezing tight and not letting go. Then, another smaller branch reached onto the passenger door's glass window, as it scrapped on the glass it left a scarring mark. 'This is real' Harry thought, his eyes unable to move away from the slowly emerging visage. Then from the fog came the beings head, the face of death. it pressed it's featureless face against the glass and stared into the heart of Harry. He tried to scream but there was not enough air in his lungs to make a sound. Another branch arm curled it's way around the windscreen, threatening to constrict the metal body with disturbing ease. Death was upon them, and there was nothing Harry could do.

From over the horizon a pair of headlights shone, lighting up the whole road, Derek's car included. The beams hit the creature which disappeared deeper into the fog, allowing Harry and his companions to live. Though Harry knew full well that their cards were now marked, this surely was Slender Man, and now he'd never leave them. Not until his job was done. The curse that had fallen onto Harry had lifted, allowing him to draw in deep breathes, almost choking on the thickness of the air that he had missed so dearly. Then, in a fit of tears and panic, Harry fell unconscious.
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