Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


2. Der Großmann

The seats within conference room A at the stylish Hilton Hotel were filling up nicely. There was a dull murmur of excitement for the night that lay ahead. The room was lavishly decorated; ornate columns surrounded the room, decorated candelabras adorned the mahogany tables where educated people now took their seats. At the front was the stage, a wooden lectern faced the audience and next to it was a slide projector, it's blue light shining onto the back wall. Once all the seats were taken the room died down, waiting in anticipation for the speaker. Then, as the room went silent, a man walked onto the stage. He was average in height, five foot eight, maybe an inch smaller as he tended to wear healed leather shoes. Stocky in build, athletic and toned, but judging on his greying receding hairline he was probably older than he first appeared. He wore a smart three piece suit, not so much black but certainly a dark grey, white shirt, blue tie. He took the lectern with both hands and looked out into the crowd, and began.

"Good afternoon. Thank you all for coming out today, I'm sure I have seen some of you before but for the less educated amongst you my name is Harry Cobain. You all know why you've come. You've come for the same reason that I stand here before you today. For answers, for the truth, the truth about something that no man has yet to place his fingers on. Known by the Germans as Der Großmann, in Scotland he was known as Fear Dubh. Feared by the Egyptians, worshiped by the Aztecs, the Mayans called him the Ceiba Tree. We know him simply as, The Slender Man." Harry stood taller, holding the slide projector remote in his right hand.

"Who is Slender Man? That is why you've come, and tonight I hope to unravel as much as I can.  Let's start at the very beginning. In 1540 a German Hans Freckenberg carved a wood cutting of what we believe to be the earliest recorded image of the Slender Man." Harry then pressed his button and a picture of an old wood cutting appeared larger than life on the wall behind him.

"It is entitled Der Ritter, and as you can see it is definitely Freckenberg's work, it has the usual content that we've all become accustomed to, but something is a bit off, a bit weird. Freckenberg is best known for his expertly recreated human anatomies, on his precision of the human body, yet this is out of the ordinary. On the left we see a knight with full armor fighting and losing to the figure on the right. It is this figure that we draw attention on, as it is clearly not human. It's face is void, almost skeletal, but it's the arms and legs, the elongated limbs and multiple extremities that is most disturbing. As you can see the creatures right arm looks as though it is made out of wood, and is in fact stabbing the knight through his chest. This is so radical to anything that was going on at the time that it still baffels art historians to this day. Unfortunately Hans Freckenberg died just four years later, the cause is currently unknown, it seems that he just disappeared. This wood carving was found in 1883 locked away deep within Halstberg Castle, intending never to be found.

"German folklore tell of a man that stalks the night, stealing bad children from their homes where they are never seen again. A man impossibly tall with multiple arms that bend and shape at will, living in the woods, often mistaken for a tree. A poem was written around this time and tells of this beast, it has been translated but this is what they wrote, entitled Schlankwald.

"They say that monsters come only at night, 
That light will drive them away. 
But not all creatures follow this rule, 
Safety not certain during the day. 

"He hides on the fringes of your vision, 
Brief glimpses of the distorted. 
He slithers and writhes behind your eyes, 
Reaching for you, limbs contorted. 

"Before you know it your children are taken, 
And now it's come down to you. 
His breath is oppressive, his presence acidic, 
He feels pity is undue. 

"Suddenly, trapped in his grasp so tight, 
You struggle to break yourself free. 
He laughs and he gurgles and he screeches with glee, 
He turns your head for you to see. 

"Your children are crying though their eyes are removed, 
They collapse, still and silent. 
His arms and legs bend pulling you closer, 
The man's eyes dark and violent. 

"He strikes and he cuts, your skin flays open, 
Your soul too weak to resist. 
This should not have happened, if only you had listened, 
Never go into his forest."

Harry then paused, gathering himself together. He looked down onto his papers and back to the audience who were now compelled to listen to his every word. They were in for a good night for Harry had much more to say.

One audience member was not so much enjoying himself. He sat near the back, shaking and sweating, a look of fear in his eyes that only the Slender Man could bestow. Harry was about to meet the one man that could explain more about this phenomenon. Still the man sat silent, just waiting for the time to be right. 
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