Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


7. Cafe on 7th Street

The cab ride to the cafe was long and awkward. Francis refused to sit in the back with Harry and instead occupied the front seat, reading a copy of Times Magazine. Meanwhile in the back Harry had his forehead planted against the plain glass, savoring the cooling feeling. He stared out of the window, he knew Francis would be angry with him, but he hoped that in time he would forgive him. 

The two of them arrived at the cafe an hour or so before Derek was due to arrive. They entered with their bags and took a seat by a table close to the window, and closest to the door. A youthful attractive waitress swooned over chewing bubble gum, she took their orders, gave a wink and went to collect the meals. Bacon and pancakes were the choice of the day, cheap and tasty. 

In silence they slowly ate their way through their meal, hardly raising their heads above their plates. Francis was an interesting man, clearly a city boy, he stood out like a sore thumb in these parts. A good decade younger than Harry, Francis made use of this youth with his shoulder length black hair, beautifully coifed and wavy. Though not as athletic or bulky as Harry, he was taller by about two inches. He wore skinny black pants and plaid shirts with a sort of tartan motif with the sleeves rolled up revealing a number of tattoos on his forearms, each one with a story, each one a mystery. 

Harry was the first to speak, "Listen, I am sorry for what happened. I let my personal desires interfere with the investigation. It was just." Harry paused, looking away from Francis who still hadn't looked up. "I was just so sure."

Francis just pushed his pancakes around his plate, drenching them in maple syrup. Harry could only sigh and leant back in his chair, until he caught sight of the attractive waitress again. She was bending over a table with a cloth, clearing up from the last customers. Harry kicked Francis' ankle from under the table forcing his attention, and nodded over to the young women. together they both watched as the girl bent ever lower down to clean the stains at the far end of the table, her short dress riding up high on her thighs, leaving very little to the imagination. Francis couldn't help but laugh, "you haven't changed an inch you dirty dog."

"Are you telling me that you have Francis?" Smiled Harry, happy to get a conversation starting. "Back in the day you could get that girls number no problem, I wager ten dollars you can't do it anymore."

Francis' eyes lit up. There was two things Francis knew, tracking down and identifying possible paranormal entities, and women. "You're on!" He said defiant, but as he was standing up Harry caught the sight of Derek entering the cafe, right on time. Harry leant over and pushed Francis back down into his seat, remembering they were here on business, not pleasure. 

"Derek! Over here," Harry yelled, beaconing the nervous man over. "Derek this is my partner Francis, the man I was telling you about."

Handshakes were passed around the table as they greeting each other and Derek pulled a seat and sat down, looking anxious to get started. 

"Right Derek," Francis began. "Tell me all about that night."
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