Slender Man

A story based around the true tales and actual records of a paranormal entity that has plagued our world since time began. We follow Harry Cobain, a researcher into this phenomenon as he makes a big speach about the entity at a conference. But he does not know that a man sits in the audience, and will change his life, showing him the true face of Slender Man. WARNING: contains descriptions of actual crimes which include the killing of small children. Read with caution.


15. Arriving at Pine Bluff

Back in the car, the rains now dying down and the engine starting, Harry couldn't shake the fear that he still felt. 'It's following me' he thought, 'how long has it been following me? Maybe I just have never noticed.' Then upon trying to remember further into his past, searching for a possible beginning to the haunting, he met a brick wall. There was a void in his memory, a gap in his recollection that stopped him from drawing memories out into the open.

Frustrated, Harry threw the pack of cigarettes that appeared in his pocket at Francis who was laying in the back seat, he gave a sarcastic thumbs up as they bounced of his crown. Wet, hungry and shivering with fear, Harry shrunk deeper into his seat, he would attempt to grab some sleep before they arrived in Pine Bluff. 

"Only another hour and a half to go," Derek explained, one hand on the wheel while he rubbed his eyes. 

"Good. Wake me up when we arrive." Harry replied, desperately needing time to himself to think, and sleep. 

There wasn't many landmarks on the way to Pine Bluff, a few minor towns, Little Rock being the largest of these, but still tiny in comparison to Memphis just a hundred or so miles away. 

Arriving in Pine Bluff, they drove down the main street, the majestic Jefferson County Courthouse dominating the landscape. With it's sheer white walls and grand single steeple bell tower, it loomed over the rest of the nearby buildings with tremendous ease. It surely was the most beautiful building in all of Pine Bluff, though technically that's not saying much at all. It was a backwater town with an air of pomp and circumstance, trying very hard to be a cut above the rest of the residence of Arkansas, almost embarrassed by their Hill-Billy roots. The town of Pine Bluff has a high population of African Americans, and proud ones too, they would never see their sweet town turned into some circus. However, with the arrival of Harry, Derek and indeed Francis on the search of the murderous child snatcher demon that is Slender Man, it was hard to see how Pine Bluff would become anything other than a circus. 

The brown chevy was sounding like it's frail engine would die at any moment as it turned the corner into a cul-de-sac. It spluttered and gasped luckily right outside of Derek's abode. Francis kicked the back of Harry's seat, waking the poor broken man in a style that would cause a heart attack into a less fit man of his age. Harry yelped and Francis snickered and they both exited the car, grabbed their belongings and stood in front of Derek's house. For lack of a better word, it was a shit hole.

The white paint was falling away from the equally dilapidated wooden boards. The grass looked like it had never been cut, and weeds now strangled all living attempts made by more attractive, colourful plants. The door was once blue, or at least Harry assumed, there was such little paint on it that it was hard to justify even a guess. Together they sighed and dragged their things through the rusty home. 

"Your rooms are upstairs, the two on the left, take either you like." Derek said, a smile now appearing on his face, "make yourselves at home."

"Is that him try to get us to clean?" Francis whispered into Harry's ear as they ascended the dangerous looking steps, careful not to tread on a loose nail. Harry could only chuckle with disappointment as he entered his room, it was the definition of basic. 'Two weeks' he thought sitting on the edge of the bed. 'Two fucking weeks.'
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