Poems, quotes and other similar things - Collection

A collection of quotes and poems I've ever found, read, liked or shared. Some might tell the purpose in life :P I know this is quite resembling to another Movella and I promise I didn't mean to copy anything.. :)
Hope you like. And yes, the picture is of my wall.


2. Sometimes - A poem I found on a site long time ago...

I erased some parts cuz it got to longish..


Sometimes I feel alive

Sometimes I feel dead

Sometimes my heart hurts

Sometimes it's all in my head


Sometimes I feel lonely

Sometimes I need my space

Sometimes there are no problems

Sometimes I've got too much to face


Sometimes things go right

Sometimes things go wrong

Sometimes I fit right in

Sometimes I just don't belong


Sometimes I want to face life

Sometimes I want to be gone from sight

Sometimes I want to run

Sometimes I want to fight


Sometimes I want to sing

Sometimes I want to shout

Sometimes I know the answer

Sometimes I'm in doubt


Sometimes I make decisions

Sometimes I'm told what to do

Sometimes I find life hard

Sometimes so do you...

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