The underdogs 2

It is the second story about the 3 underdogs, Tomoki, Trym and Victor.


2. Roman play

It´s monday and the 3 boys Victor, Trym and Tomoki, just got told by there teacher that they are going to make a Roman play. So they have to make up there own characters, and tell what there life would be like as a Roman. But the 3 boys would much rather play soccer. The 3 boys also plays track and field on the schools team, and they are going to a tournament in Germany in 11 days. They are going to perform the Roman play in 10 days, so they are going to perform it the day before the tournament in Germany. The 3 boys don´t really practice there play and the only 2 things they are doing is to play track and field, and play soccer.

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