The underdogs 2

It is the second story about the 3 underdogs, Tomoki, Trym and Victor.


4. Performing day

The 3 boys Victor, Trym and Tomoki is the second last group to perform. The last group to perform are the gossip girls Sole and Carla. In total there are 10 groups, and the 1 group performs in 1 hour. So the 3 boys eats some pizza while they are waiting. So the 1 performance starts and it is about 20 times longer than the 3 boys´ performance. The 3 boys just wait until number 8 performs. Because now they have to go backstage, and get ready. The 8th performance is nearly finished and Tomokis heart is beating like a drum, because he knows that it is going to be bad, and Trym and Victor also knows that it is going to be bad. The 8th performance is finished, and now it is the 3 boys´ turn to perform. When they finished a guy from the audience shouted "is that it?!". The 3 boys went backstage and were not proud. The 10th performance by Sole and Carla was not good either. They laughed all the time and nobody seemed to like it. But now the judges had to decide which performance was the worst and which performance was the best. The best performance was by Michael Dubis and his group. But guess what, the worst performance was not even by Tomoki, Trym and Victor. It was by the 2 gossip girls, Sole and Carla. But the 2nd worst performance was by Tomoki, Trym and Victor though. But at least it was not the worst. The 3 boys thought it was pretty good that there performance was not the worst. But all 3 boys went home knowing that they were going to tournament in Germany tomorrow.

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