Always and Forever

Love stories are everywhere - they can be cheesy, teenage romances or really intense, passionate ones. But here's a tale of love that is so pure it does not end with death, of love that does not die in the tomb.


1. Always and Forever

I kneeled beside her grave, my breath coming out in short, painful sobs. The cool breeze and the beautiful weather insensitively mocked my loss. Twilight was long gone, and I kneeled there in the face of midnight with the exquisite, star-studded, velvety dark sky blanketing the solemn graveyard. The full moon shone over the marble headstone and my love's name glimmered in the night. The tormenting pain of loss flooded me all over again.      

It was misery. No words can describe what it felt like, my eyes raking the grave underneath which lay my love, eyes closed in a peaceful sleep, gone somewhere I will never, ever be able to talk to her again. Every memory of our time together forced its way back into my mind, hurting me like a painful stab in the chest. Her flaming red hair, which she tied back in a ponytail but which I liked best when left loose ... her sparkling turquoise eyes, so deep and intense ... her lips like delicate rose petals ... her touch like soft butter ... the perpetual scarlet flush in her cheeks ... how everything about her was so beautiful, so perfect ... but now so distant.

Time seemed to have slowed down, every second ticking by sluggishly.  This was it. Everything was over. Death had ripped us apart forever and ever, and there was nothing we could do to change it ... nothing. Memories of the promises we had made years before, promises to stay together always and forever, found me in utter hopelessness. Such lies ... such palpable lies ... nobody can stay together like that, always and forever, because one day Death will hunt you down, for what do Life and Death know of Love and Loss? It will come, greedy and bloodthirsty, and take you away to a place where no one will ever be able to find you.

Unless ...

Yes, this is the only way, I soothed my growing anxiety, comforted myself. Those promises were promises, meant to be kept and never to be broken ... and how can I let Death come in between us, rip us apart forever? No. Our love was superior than that. It was pure and innocent. It knew not of boundaries and confinements, it only understood care and affection. The idea of parting, of bowing to Death who laughed coldly at the tears and cries of two passionate lovers, was unacceptable. We would have to prove now, that no matter what happens, we were bonded for life ... and beyond. 

A pitiful cry of pain escaped my lips and rent the still night air as I dug the blade deeper into my veins, crimson blood leaking out and flowing down my wrist effortlessly. A pang of pain was coursing through me, and my heart thudded madly, as though it sensed that Death was coming and wanted a way out ... but I was smiling now, calm and composed, finding a flickering light of hope even in this desperate darkness. I told my heart to keep calm,  everything would be over soon and before it knew, the pain would have departed, this darkness would have gone, and all that would lie ahead was the shining path to freedom and happiness ... and once again, I would see the face I loved so much, smiling at me, beckoning me to join her in a merry afterlife.

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