The underdogs

It´s about the 4 guys Kiril, Tomoki, Trym and Victor. They are all in the same class and likes playing football.


1. Rather be cool and unpopular, than popular and uncool

Middle school.... The hardest 3 years of your life. Not only because of the homework, but also because of puberty and sad love. On every school, there will always be the "popular" kids, and the "unpopular" kids. The 4 most unpopular boys in the whole grade are called "Trym, Kiril, Tomoki and Victor". Kiril is new to the school, he´s from Russia. He already has it hard with his bad accent. But all 4 boys thinks that they are pretty cool, but they also know that they are the 4 most unpopular kids in the whole grade. But like Victor always says "It can change, because we are only in 6th grade, in the higher grades we are gonna be much cooler". None of the girls like the 4 boys, because they are so unpopular. But like Trym says "rather be cool and unpopular, than popular and uncool". All of the boys plays soccer everyday, maybe Kiril needs some practice but he is ok at goalkeeper. The 3 other boys Trym, Tomoki and Victor are the 3 best in the whole grade, but none of the girls care. They only care about nice hair and six pack. It´s May and the summer is on it´s way, so all of the 4 boys plays soccer at least 2 hours every day. Tomoki, Trym and Victor are also the 3 best in physical education. All 3 boys got 7, and they are just good at every sport they play. Nobody can beat them, if they are on the same team in physical education, then nobody can beat them, they are unstopable together. Kiril still needs some practice in physical education, but he is getting in better fitness.

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