The underdogs

It´s about the 4 guys Kiril, Tomoki, Trym and Victor. They are all in the same class and likes playing football.


2. Love in middle school is hard

There is going to be a prom on the school very soon, and all of the girls are looking for dresses and makeup on there computers all the time. Some of the boys have thought of asking some of the girls to go to the disco with them. The first couple came a week before the prom. It was Michael Dubis, the basketball star, asking Sole, the gossip girl. A bit of a surprise if you ask Nicholas Lundig, the computer guy. He literally freaked out and started crying because he loves Sole so much and Michael went out with her. The second couple came an hour later. It was Jeremy, Michaels best friend, that asked Carla, the boy magnet out for the prom. Carla said no and Jeremy got very sad and ran away. Later that day, Michael found Jeremy in the bathroom crying, and nobody knows what happened with Jeremy after that, because nobody have seen him ever since.

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