Tomoki love storry

A boy called Tomoki falls in love with a sexy girl called Ellen.


3. Tommy Learns Englsih And Get The Girl :D

Tommy ran to a Englsih school, and baought himself "English learning for Japanaese".

When Tommy started learning English it was hard for him. It was to much gramar and to much spelling, he was about to quit one day. He walked home sadly and was thinking of Ellen. Later that night of all surprise Ellen came, and said "Tomoki I love you!" Tomoki got really happy! Then Tomoki asked "do you still like me even though i dont know English that well?" Tomoki said confused. "Yes, I can learn you English! I dont care if you dont know English!


Later that night Tomoki and Ellen kissed all night. It was the best thing ever happend to Tommy! Ellen was allso happy, Ellen had never feelt better before!


8 years later they got Maried, and lived together with 3 children!




Written by Petrof58

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