Tomoki love storry

A boy called Tomoki falls in love with a sexy girl called Ellen.


1. Tommy falls in Love with Ellen!

In a small country called Denmark a boy called Tommyi saw the prettiest girl in his life! Tomoki was in totaly love with the girl. He wanted the girl soo much he could die. The girl is tall, hot, blond hair,  NO pimples, and a sexy haircut. Tommy was soo glad he saw this girl. He walked upp to the girl, and kissed her. The girl got mad and slaped him in the face. Tommy started swearing in Japanese. Then the girl said "Im so sorry!" "Whats your name? Mine is Ellen". "Mine is Tommy/Tomoki, sorry for kissing you..." "Its OK" Ellen said trying to calm down. "I dont really know enlgish that well..." Tomoki said sadly. "If you learn english better, we can know each other better!

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