Chasing Shadows

Elliot has always dreamed of the day he could meet his one true love, again. Having never known her name, when Elliot finally finds the girl he has been searching the whole world for, he may be in for a shock... - Short story, my entry for the Picture Competition. This is the first competition I've entered, so any likes and favourites are welcome!


1. Memory

"I have crossed the open sea.

I have climbed up every tree.

I've chased the shadows in the breeze

but my heart still ain't satisfied,"

Her familiar chiming voice wandered through the air, casually licking past the dark strands plastered to the side of Elliot's head and into his intently listening ears. The heat was intense, the atmosphere heavy and thick. Very little could penetrate its way across the path which wound through the grounds of the campus, Elliot lounging against a young sapling on one side, her back just visible through a thick bush on the other. She was singing almost mournfully to herself, strumming on what Elliot assumed to be a Ukulele. Even then, the throbbing air was tugging spitefully at the strings of the unfortunate instrument, forcing her to stop playing it every few minutes to twist the pegs in vain, trying to urge the Ukulele back into tune. And thus the battle continued whilst the stumbled song continued across the path into Elliot's twitching ears. He was treasuring each individual tone although she seemed unhappy, crying desperately at the frequencies that created her music.

Elliot stood up quietly and made his way across the path and towards the girl, softly brushing the branches of the bush to one side.


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