The World Of Creatures

Peach is my unicorn. I live in a world where magical creatures exist. Creatures that are invisible to humans.


2. Moonleaf Island

Moonleaf Island is hidden. Humans can't see it and they pass straight through it. Moonleaf island is where mythical creatures live. 

I'm Emerald. I'm an elf. I watched my reflection in the window. I  noticed my blonde hair first. It's straight and it falls down to my ankles. I have bright green eyes, like emeralds - thats where I got my name, and very pale skin. You could hardly miss my eyes, even in the reflection of a window. Mum says my eyes are so bright I wouldn't need a torch at night to see. Like all elves I'm beautiful. If I ran into a human they wouldn't be able to take their eyes off of me or any other elves.  I looked out of my window. Snow was twirling through the sky and it sat lightly and glued to the ground. The sky was grey and the clouds were hogging the sunlight. I opened the window and blew, the air pushing the clouds out of the sun's way. I smiled as the sun's rays hit the ground and lightened everything up. I then shut the window then I skipped downstairs. 

Mum was sitting on one of the oak chairs and she glanced up from the mail. 

"Morning," She mumbled, she sounded and looked sleepy. Bruises lay underneath her green eyes and stood out like a neon sign against her pale skin. Mum looks like me, except she has bronze hair and of course she looks much older than me. 

"Morning, I'm gonna feed Peach," I said in my usual happy tone, I span around and walked towards the front door, I was about to twist the handel then Mum mumbled

"Maisy has already fed her, it's time for school anyway," Maisy is my sister. She is two years older than me. I'm 14 and she is 16. 

"OK, bye!" I said quickly and ran out of the door. Snow perched into my hair and swirled around my face like an annoying bunch of flies. I ran to the stable and checked Maisy had fed Peach. 

"Hey, Peach!" I said happily, Peach looked up at me, her dark eyes met my green eyes. Peach is snowy white and had a grey mane and tail. She neighed and shook her head. Her mane flying around her face. I stroked her, her horn sparkled. She was happy. Rainbows danced around the stable. I muttered a goodbye to her and walked out of the stable. An eagle flew above my head, it's feathers looked like they had gold paint splashed on them. I walked into the forest and up the winding path towards the school.

We were trained how to ride unicorns and how to call an eagle. We also got taught how to move things with our minds and blow air out of our mouths to move clouds etc. When every elf is born a unicorn is born, then that unicorn stays with the elf forever. Unicorns don't die until their masters die. Maisy has a unicorn called Plum and Mum has a unicorn called Daisy. 

At school we get trained how to fight in case we get attacked. There is always an elf who goes against nature and tries to take over Moonleaf Island or on rare occasions take over the world. When this happens ninety nine point nine percent of the time there is a war or some sort of fight. We get taught all this crap at school. Guinea pigs can't actually help save the world but we use them to test out potions which does save the world from giant or blood drinking elves. Mad crazy elves try and train the guinea pigs to fight. Lets leave it at one thing all guinea pigs want to do is eat, sleep, crap, piss and make baby guinea pigs. 

I walked up to the stone building (the school) and walked inside. I walked up the hallway and walked into my classroom. 

"Thanks for joining us Emerald," The teacher hissed, I bit my bottom lip and walked quickly to the back of the classroom. I sat on the cold floor, it was uncomfortable but soon we will be going outside or standing up learning how to fight or throw fire balls out of our hands. "Learning how to breathe under water is one of the most important skills you will learn. It takes a lot of practice." The teacher droned. Her hair was cut short (strange and out of the norm, elves like their hair long) and she had grey eyes. Her pale skin was covered in wrinkles and creases and the odd grey hair was showing through her dark brown hair. I looked to my left and Russel had fallen asleep, his spiky black hair fell around his face, his head leaning against the wall. "If you fail to listen to instructions and fail to remember what to do the consequences can be fatal," Mrs Jakes continued. Everyone gasped and I just chuckled, if the consequences could be fatal they wouldn't risk us try to breathe under water. But anyway it's a good skill to learn and even though she says that if people fail to listen they will hurt themselves, Miss Jakes still makes sure we know what to do. 

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