Deep in the Meadows

16 year old Rosetta wishes her Mother never had strict rules about being apart of the Royal Family. When Rosetta runs to the meadows for some peace, she finds seventeen year old Drake sitting on the highest branch of an old oak tree. But love has it's secrets and Drake has a secret that should never be exposed.

The two of them spend every free minute together and end up falling in love. But when Drake's secret is exposed, his sentence means the two may never be together again. Or will they? This for the Love story Comp. (I used a diffrenet picture as of the story's characters. Sorry if this is not allowed)


6. The Noose That Saved Her

Rosetta admired the view, cradling her baby from the sounds of howls. She looked to the sunset and remembered what happened.


She lay under the trap door, half dead, half alive. She was pulled out rom there with Drake cradling her weeping.

'Rose, come back to me. I need you' He leant in and kissed her. She woke from her short sleep and hugged him close. Her Mother grabbed her daughter and held her up. She then looked at her face.

'What were you Thinking?' asked her Mother.

'Saving my love Mother.' Rosetta looked out to the crowd.

'What has he done to this village? Nothing! Be proud to have him here. He cares for others before himself. He may be a wolf, but don't think he's like other wolfs. Hes kind and caring. Noww leave here!' The cowd wandered off, whispering about her speech. Drake held her hand. She turned and hugged him tight.

'Thank you' he whispered.


Rosetta looked at the baby and stroked his silver hair. She looked back to see Drake looking at her silently. She motioned him and gave him the baby.

'How's he been?' Drake asked.

'Fine. Tarren's been fine' Rosetta said looking at her son. She looked back out to the sunset and in the half sun, saw her Drake when they shared their first kiss.

A kiss they would never forget.



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