Deep in the Meadows

16 year old Rosetta wishes her Mother never had strict rules about being apart of the Royal Family. When Rosetta runs to the meadows for some peace, she finds seventeen year old Drake sitting on the highest branch of an old oak tree. But love has it's secrets and Drake has a secret that should never be exposed.

The two of them spend every free minute together and end up falling in love. But when Drake's secret is exposed, his sentence means the two may never be together again. Or will they? This for the Love story Comp. (I used a diffrenet picture as of the story's characters. Sorry if this is not allowed)


3. The Next Meeting

Rosetta woke early, just as the sun was rising. She slipped out of the back door in her nightgown and thought of yesterday. Was it all a dream or was it real? The boy Drake with his silver hair. Was he from reality on fantasy? She didn't question it further as she heard Mary come in.

'Morning Mary' she said, pretending to yawn.

'Why Rosetta aren't you up early?' said Mary teasingly. Mary gave her some scones then shooed Rosetta out the kitchen. Rosetta got dressed then wandered back to the dining hall and sat in her seat. Later on her Mother came. She was startled to see the black sheep sitting there early.

'Morning Mother' Rosetta said cheerfully.

'Why are you up so early?' her Mother asked.

''Well a "Good Morning Rosetta. How did you sleep?" would have been nice' Rosetta said gloomfully. They sat in silence, which was rarely broken by clattering from the kitchen and shouts of anger. Rosetta remembered the time when her siblings left to go to a niehboring kingdom and it was only Rosetta, who was five at the time, and her Mother. Thats when they got on. Now they're searted by a veil. Her Mother picked herself up and walked out the room.

'Goodbye dear' was her only words, before Rosetta heard the great hall door slam. Five minutes later Josh, Andrew and Daisy sped in and sat. Rosetta looked up from her bowl and saw the three of them staring at her.

'What?' she asked, cutting up a banana.

'Nothing, but we heard you were the early bird today' Andrew said grabbing a piece of banana and emptying it into his mouth.

'Well, I had alot on my mind after yesterday' Rosetta explained grabbing a bowl of oats and adding milk and sugar to it.

'It's a boy is'nt it?' asked Daisy grabbing Rosetta's hand.

'No, it's not' said Rosetta glowing red with embarresment.

'I knew it. What's his name?' asked Daisy.



'Drake Islay' said Rosetta reclaiming her hands back from Daisy.

'Well. Where's his kingdom?' Daisy said smiling slyly.

'He doesn't have one' Rosetta whispered.

'What?' asked Daisy cupping her hand around her ear.

'He doesn't have one' Rosetta shouted. The table fell silent. All eyes were on her. She gulped. What did she do wrong this time?

'Right well, thanks for that' Daisy jumped from her seat and stalked out the room, the boys following. Rosetta sat stunned. Five minutes later she ran through the kitchen and out the back door. She left her shoes and tiara on and contiued towards the tree. She arrived and sprinted up the ladder. Drake was lying there, staring out towards th risin sun.

'Hey Rose. What's up?' asked Drake noticing her expression.

'Why didn't you tell me?' she exclaimed shimming along the tree branch.

'Tell you what?' he asked, cocking his head to the side.

'That we're not suppose to be together!' She was about yelling. He brushed his hand across her cheek.

'I couldn't' he said looking into her eyes. Then she noticed. His eyes were the colour of chocolate. The same as a wolf's.


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