Deep in the Meadows

16 year old Rosetta wishes her Mother never had strict rules about being apart of the Royal Family. When Rosetta runs to the meadows for some peace, she finds seventeen year old Drake sitting on the highest branch of an old oak tree. But love has it's secrets and Drake has a secret that should never be exposed.

The two of them spend every free minute together and end up falling in love. But when Drake's secret is exposed, his sentence means the two may never be together again. Or will they? This for the Love story Comp. (I used a diffrenet picture as of the story's characters. Sorry if this is not allowed)


2. The Boy With The Silver Hair

Rosetta hasitly climbed up the ladder to the branch where he sat. He looked into her eyes.

'Who are you?' Rosetta asked.

'Drake. Drake Islay. What's you'res?' Drake asked his voice shaking slightly.

'Rosetta Devon' she stumbled. She looked down at her feet, before looking back up. His face was thin and handsome and he had silver hair. His body was of a strong build and he wore commoner clothing.

'You'r a Royal aren't you?' He asked.

'No, I help. I'm... I'm the ... Well I'm..... Daisy's maid. You know, help her get ready for the day, tidy her room you know that sorta thing.'  He look at her. She looked saintly, even though it was a lie.

'Nah, you're a Royal, I can tell. The Queen's youngest daughter's name is that. Rosetta.'  Drake said folding his arms round his chest.

'But how do you know?' she asked.

'Let's just say I have an instincts like a wolf' he said smiling suspiciously. Rosetta knew that no matter what lie she told him, he wouldn't beileve it.

She stayed the whole day, talking to Drake finding out what his job in the village was and all that. She was so enthroled that she didn't see the sun starting to set. When she looked out into the sky, she saw that the sun was almost gone.

'I have to go. My Mother will be home soon' said Rosetta, edging towards the trunk.

'Same time tomorrow Rose?' Drake asked.

'Yeah and also, my name is Rosetta!'

'Yeah, but I like Rose best' He said smiling. Rosetta climbed down the ladder and bolted to the palace. Along the road, Rosetta saw a carrige rolling along. She hid out of sight, until it stopped at a fallen tree. Rosetta then ran, knowing that it was her Mother's carrige,  untill she saw the cross-road sign. Left- the quickst way to the palace or Right-  longest way to go and she would well be their by the time the carrige got to the right road.  She switched the signs and ran to the left.


When she got to the back door, she slipped her tiara back on and slipped her shoes on she walked into the kitchen, she ran into a scared looking Mary-Ann.

'I said be home by sunset. Look, it's almost night-fall.'

'Sorry, got caught up in time' said Rosetta wandering out into the hall. She was just about to climbed her stairs when, the door burst opened and her Mother walked in.

'How was the meeting?' Rosetta asked taking her cloak and hanging it up.

'Fine, we just talked about how the wedding preparations were going' her Mother explained. Then, just as Rosetta was walking up the steps. her Mother screamed.

'GET YOUR HAIR DOWN AT ONCE!' Rosetta got ready for bed then slid into her warm covers. That was one of her Mother's rules. No hair up except for at weddings.

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