Deep in the Meadows

16 year old Rosetta wishes her Mother never had strict rules about being apart of the Royal Family. When Rosetta runs to the meadows for some peace, she finds seventeen year old Drake sitting on the highest branch of an old oak tree. But love has it's secrets and Drake has a secret that should never be exposed.

The two of them spend every free minute together and end up falling in love. But when Drake's secret is exposed, his sentence means the two may never be together again. Or will they? This for the Love story Comp. (I used a diffrenet picture as of the story's characters. Sorry if this is not allowed)


5. Sentences

'Your joking right?' Rosetta asked her mouth opening wide.

'No, it's the truth. I knew you'd freak out.' Drake turned his back to her.

'Rosetta, I've loved you since we met, but I knew you'd never love me for my identity.' Rosetta turned him round and placed her hands at his cheeks.

'But I do love you for who you are' she said smiling. She pulled his face close and kissed him. He pulled away sharply. He sniffed silently, then turned back frightfully.

'They've found us' he said. They climbed down and went to run, but these hunters were smart and placed a net under the tree. Rosetta got away, but turned noticing his hand was not holding her's. She saw the hunters yelling and laughing with glee.

'NO STOP. HE WON'T HURT US!' Rosetta yelled, but was silenced with a hit round the head.

'Rosetta dear. I never would have guessed. Oh wait, I did.' said a familier voice. The person turned her round. Rosetta opened her eyes to see her Mother staring in horror at the daughter who betrayed her rules. Rosetta was dragged away yelling. She stopped when she heard yelps of pain.

'NO!' she yelled. Rosetta was thrown into a carrige and tooken away.


8 weeks passed. Drake was thrown into prison for claiming he was human. He had to wait for his punishment for 8 weeks. Rosetta visited Drake every night. They were waiting when her mother came in holding a letter. She opened it and read

'Drake Islay.... someone get her away from here!' Her mother yelled as she noticed Rosetta staring angrliy at her. Rosetta wasn't far to here these last words.

'Drake Islay, you have been proven guilty of this crime so to punish you, your sentence is Hung until you're last breath. Rosetta gaped at her mother's shadow until she could not see it any more. She was sent to her room and the door was bolted shut. Rosetta ran to the window to see the hanging stage being built. She didn't hear the door opening and someone entering.

'I had to do it dear. He's dangerous, I didn't want you hurt.'

'Mother, for the last two years I've saw him, i've found someone I love and who loves me back. YOU CANNOT DO THIS! Rosetta yelled pointing out to the prison.


'WELL, TO ME HE'S AS INNOCENT AS ANYONE I'VE MET!' Rosetta stared at her mother with loating.

'Don't come back' she said as the door slammed after her. She heard the bolt lock and someone walking away. she had to get out of her room and save Drake, if she ever wanted to see him again. That evening, she took the key and fashioned a spare. Thank goodness no-one thought of removing the lock on my side Rosetta thought. So, as Rosetta walked round her room the gaurd entered.

'I'm off to the hanging. Don't even think about escaping'

Yeah sure whatever' said Rosetta sitting at the window and pretending to cry.

'Hey don't cry' said the gaurd coming over to her. Rosetta picked up a club she had hidden and smacked him over the head. He fell to the floor with a thud. Rosetta ran out the door, locked it and sped towards the court yard. Once she got there, she heard the voce of her mother shouting to the crowd

'Drake Islay, for today will be the day when you breath has stopped and your blood has spilled.' Shouts rom the crowd as Drake was pulled onto the stage and a noose place around his neck. Rosetta ran through the crowd of villagers pushing the out the way until she was at the front.

'STOP!' she yelled pulling thenoose from his neck. The trap door opened and the noose was tighted. Rosetta hung half dead half alive.

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