Deep in the Meadows

16 year old Rosetta wishes her Mother never had strict rules about being apart of the Royal Family. When Rosetta runs to the meadows for some peace, she finds seventeen year old Drake sitting on the highest branch of an old oak tree. But love has it's secrets and Drake has a secret that should never be exposed.

The two of them spend every free minute together and end up falling in love. But when Drake's secret is exposed, his sentence means the two may never be together again. Or will they? This for the Love story Comp. (I used a diffrenet picture as of the story's characters. Sorry if this is not allowed)


4. Her 18th birthday

Two years later, Rosetta and Drake were still seeing each other. She always looked into his eyes before she left to see his Wolf-like eyes deep in thought. The day before her 18th birthday, he held out a small carefully wrapped present.

'Happy Birthday' he said giving it to her. She opened the present to see a necklace with a steel wolf. She moved her hair out the way for him to put it round her neck.

'It's amazing' Rosetta breathed

'Handmade by the giver himself' said Drake, smiling. Rosetta looked back into his eyes. They were staring back at her. He leaned in closer, and she did too. Soon the were leaning against each other. Rosetta felt a way she had never felt before. Passion. When he pulled away, Rosetta look back to eyes. But the silence was broking by shouting in the distance.

'Rosetta?' it shouted. Rosetta snapped out the trance and jumped down from the tree.

'Same time tomorrow?'

Yeah' Rosetta shouted over her shoulder. She ran as fast as she could, reaching the back door panting heavily. Mary-Anne opened the door, with Odettel standing behind. They helped her in and placed her at the table. The rest of the family came in and sat staring at her unclean being.

'Where have you been?' her mother asked.

'Out for a walk. Why?' Rosetta asked. She glanced at her sister and brothers. They glanced back.

'I just wanted to know. Now everyone tuck in' Her Mother shrilled as Mary-anne and Odettel placed the plates softly, so they were as quiet as the breeze. Later, Rosetta found herself looking out the window at midnight. She was wondering about their kiss. Was she really falling for him or was it a pass phase as Daisy called it? No matter what she wanted to see hime eailer so she could invite him to her Mothers idea of a ball. She could fake him as a prince. Her brother Josh had a dusty old crown in his drawer. Maybe she could use that. By the next sunrie, Rosetta was sneaking out the door and hurring along, hiding a bulging basket under a cloak. She saw Drake starting to climb the ladder.

'Drake!' she shouted. He turned and placed his index finger to his lips then motioned her to hide. She didn't understand until she heard shouts of anger.


'QUICK AFTER THE CREATURE!' Rosetta hid behind a thick tree until they passed shouting after him. Rosetta rushed to the tree climbing to reach him. His eyes were wide with fear. He heard her come and turned and smiled.

'What was happening?' Rosetta asked.

'Nothing, nothing to worry about' Drake ushered.

'Please tell me. I won't tell anyone.' Rosetta placed her hand on his shoulder. He paused, wondering if to tell her.

'You know how you've wondered about my wolf-like eyes' he explained.

'Well.... promise not to tell anyone?'

Yeah I won't' Rosetta said hugging him for a second.

'Not even your mother?' Drake asked. Rosetta shook her head.

'I'm a wolf.'


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