He was perfect, I would give up everything to be with him forever in a heartbeat. I would leave my old life behind and start a new one with him. My life is perfect, but I know it can get better with him by my side forever.


2. One Night

His fast breathing was hot and sticky against my neck. His body over mine, but not in mine. That deed was already done. I stroked his face, he was sweating, panting, warm. I knew this meant so much to him, cause he knew me well. And he knew, that this was it. I was his, and no-one could split us apart. No matter how hard they tried. His arms straight next to me, keeping him up. He slowly and lightly lowered himself on top of me. And wrapped him arms my chest. He pecked my lightly on my lips, and then made his way down to my neck. Leaving a trail of kisses. He was imprinted into my very soul and living. I'm never letting him go, he's my soul mate. And nothing will, or could change that.

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