He was perfect, I would give up everything to be with him forever in a heartbeat. I would leave my old life behind and start a new one with him. My life is perfect, but I know it can get better with him by my side forever.


1. One Person

I never had any intentions of loving more than one person. I was hoping to find someone, and that would be it. I would be set for life, with someone that loved me dearly. Just having that thought in my head, made me smile. A finger traced down my cheek, soft, elegant and delicately. Trailing around the rim of my face, surfacing what the owner of the finger thought was beautiful. My smile was reflected in front of me, crookedly and sweet. A pair of liquidized gold looked into my pair of ring ocean blue water. Both pairs of rings were centred by a black orb, like a planet with a ring. Shiny and supernatural. His doors opened, and mine did too. The doors of breath unlocked, breathing out towards. Longing to want each others soul, we edged closer and closer. And it was sealed with a kiss, ours souls were entwined, rising into the sky. Learning to fly with each other, learning to achieve dreams. I wasn't going to let go of him, I was eternally and gratefully his until the end of time. Until the sands of time run out... 

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