Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


5. The Woods

We stood there motionless. Waiting for the man to run out and kill us. “Get here, come on” said a panicky voice from the woods. I look and see someone I knew them from the camp so I nodded and then I and Duncan walked into the woods. “The rest of the camp is here too” said the guy we walked a bit into the woods “that guy showed up out of the woods and he attacked us we ran out and everyone followed us here. There were a few though who did not make it as you could see...” he trailed off “well I don’t think we have exchanged names” he said holding out a hand “Matthew but everyone calls me Matt” I said shaking his hand “nice to meet you Matt I’m Brian”. We walked through the rest of the woods and then we came to where the group was. “Two more thank God!” said a girl as she got up and pointed at us. “Matt, Duncan!!!” said Johnny as he got to his feet and ran over to us. “Hey Johnny” I said adding a smile “these guys are so brave” said Josh to the rest of the group “they went into the food hall where that thing was and they went to try and call help!” “Yeah but it was...unsuccessful” said Duncan looking down “the radio broke that guy must have done it” I explained. “Oh” said Josh “well we are all here now so we can figure out a plan and see what’s gonna happen” “yeah” Brian said with a smile “I’m sure there was others who ran into the woods we should take a look around and see if we can spot them” “but the man entered the woods too!” said the girl “Calm down Stacy” said Brian as he smiled at her “we can try and figure something out”.  “The Trees” I heard myself say “what?” said everyone looking at me “er... the trees we could climb them then we will be off the ground just in case Mcre...” I broke off wondering why I had started to say Mcreedys name. “What were you going to say?” asked Duncan “we all know what he was going to say” said Stacy “but why did you say it?” she asked. Good point I thought to myself I just thought about how mean Mcreedy was and how we used to try and hide from him and now this guys shows up also with long black hair and bandages and... “Oh my God” I said out loud “It’s him the guy with the axe is Mcreedy!”

“How do you know this?” said Brian looking at me. “Well...” I started “think about it Mcreedy he had long black hair it was tied back but still and he had bandages on because of what happened with the springs. Ken also said they found Mcreedys bag down by some rocks so I think he must have found the snake got a scare fell off and hit his head on the rocks and now he’s come back for revenge” “That’s a good theory” said Brian “but I see a few errors first off what snake?” “The one Alice and us put in his bag” said a guy standing up “what?” said Brian “Kevin why would you do that?” “To get our own back to show him what it felt like to be scared!!!” said Kevin his voice becoming louder. “Okay well  I mean if he hit his head off the rocks as he fell down would he not you know die or he could have become...insane” said Brian looking up at me “I think its Mcreedy too in some ways...but now he’s this” “woodsman?” said Johnny I looked at him and Johnny started to explain “There was this story I heard one Halloween and it was about a man who cut down trees in the wood with his axe and then a tree hit him on the head the man became bad and he wanted to punish those who were bad so he wondered around in the woods and if someone was naughty he came after them with his axe to scare them!” “Well I guess that’s kinda the same with Mcreedy or this woodsman” I said “WOODSMAN!!!” Screamed Stacy jumping up and pointing beside us I turned and there he was The Woodsman.

We all ran into the woods trying not to turn back to see The Woodsman but we could all still hear him his evil insane laugh as he ran after us with his axe. We started to split up into smaller groups and we looked to see where each of them was heading to. I then noticed that The Woodsman had started to chase after another group “quick” I said “over there!” I pointed to a bit where there was a hill so we could get on top of it and see around a bit better; it was also the opposite way to The Woodsman. Where are we I thought as I ran towards the hill we don’t know these woods we don’t even know where we are in the woods close to the camp or far away near the road or not we just all ran as soon as we were attacked. “Is everyone okay?” I asked looking back at Johnny, Duncan, Josh and Kevin. “Yeah I think so” said Duncan “let’s just get up and try and rest for a bit” we made it up to the hill and rested for a bit but then the screams started and they seemed to be coming from all over. “Where are they coming from?” said Kevin as he spun around trying to work it out. “There!” said Duncan “no wait there” “No it’s from here” said Johnny “What’s going on?” “Josh?” I looked about and could not see him “JOSH!” I shouted “down here” he said I looked over and saw him and the bottom of the Hill. I ran down but slipped and fell. I quickly caught a rock but it was not that strong and broke off the hill and I fell down and looked up. “He’s here” whispered Josh. I turned around to see The Woodsman “RUN!” I shouted as we ran up the hill but it began to rain and we could not get up fast enough it was so slippery and then Josh fell “JOSH!!!” I shouted as I watched him fall down towards The Woodsman “NOOOOOO!” He screamed as The Woodsman raised his axe. I looked away as I saw the axe come down onto Josh’s body.  I just made my way up quickly and carefully I looked back but the only thing there was Josh’s body. The Woodsman he was gone.       

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