Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


6. The Road

My feet are killing me! As we walk down the long road all I can think of it what has actually happened. The thing is while we have been in this nightmare for a night it still does not seem real. I think it’s because of the fact that we have never actually had time to stop and think about what is going on and now that we do have the time it all seems to be too much. I quickly look up to see everyone’s face and they all have their heads down looking at their feet as we slowly moved along. I guess their thinking about it all too...Mcreedy, The Woodsman, Josh and the camp. I feel happy though that we are still alive I mean we have survived the night and now we have found a road. The sun does make it a bit easier to see everything which means that if The Woodsm- “what’s that?!” said Johnny pointing towards the woods. I looked a bit closer and it seemed to be a hand “hey anyone there?” said Duncan “yes me and my brother” said a girl stepping out from the woods. “Don’t worry! We are fine...given what’s been going on” she continued as her brother joined her “this is Drake and I’m Emily”. “Nice to meet you I’m Matt this is Johnny, Duncan and Kevin” I said pointing to everyone in the group “it’s nice to see more people from the camp” I continued “yeah” Emily said with a smile “I saw that thing and we ran as soon as he left we have just been going and going until we came to the road...there was others with us but they went different ways”. They walked over to us and we all started walking down the road talking about what should happen next and what we had pieced together so far.

“How long have we been walking?” asked Duncan “a long time” replied Kevin “let’s take a break in the woods just for a minute it’s nice and shaded under there!” he said to us as he began to move into the woods. We all sat down under a tree and rested but we were all really sleepy and suddenly I felt my eyelids drop and I went to sleep. After waking up some time later I saw that everyone else was asleep too I could not continue myself so I put back down my head and closed my eyes. “Wake up” whispered a voice in my ear, it was a strange voice one I had never heard before but still sounded familiar. I opened my eyes and turned quickly to see if it was another camp member but it was not...There stood The Woodsman axe in his hand, an insane smile spread across his face. For a second I was too shocked to move but then he swung his axe at me. Quickly I rolled out of the way and screamed trying to get everyone to run, his axe was stuck in the tree, perfect now we can run. We all ran as fast as we could trying to stick together but Emily was running behind then her brother was in front telling her to keep up. “NO!” Emily screamed as she hit the ground I turned quickly to see that The Woodsman’s axe was next to her bleeding legs “he’s thrown it at her legs!” shouted Drake pointing to her and then he ran up to help her but The Woodsman got there before him. He picked up his axe and swung it at Emily quickly Kevin pulled Drake away as he was screaming try to get back to help his sister. We all just kept on running never looking back and trying to keep close to the road as well as to each other.

We made it back out of the woods and onto the road but that was no reason to slow down The Woodsman could still be right behind us but none of us looked. I then felt a need to know if he was there behind us so I quickly glanced back to see the empty road. I slowly came to a stop trying to work out if he was in the woods but...he was nowhere to be seen. Everyone also stopped to take a quick look around and try and catch their breath. “Okay we are never never going back in those woods!” said Duncan “I agree” said Kevin looking at me waiting for my response. “If we need to then we have to but its only if we need to we are not going in because of the shade or anything else okay!” I said turning around to face them.  “Come on” I said walking ahead “we have to keep going he could be hiding or following us or anything”. I looked up at the sky to see the light blue colour and the sun far ahead it was no longer early hours of the morning it was the morning. “This looks familiar” said Johnny looking around. “It looks like everywhere else” I said trying to see something different or special. “Are we going round in circles?” said Drake nervously “No” said Johnny shaking his head “it’s a new place plus we have been following the road which has been straight” “I think we are going round again back to where to saw Drake and...Emily” said Kevin looking up at Johnny. “Me too” agreed Drake looking at Johnny “it’s a new place guys I am sure” said Johnny trying to avoid their stares “I believe him” I said looking at Johnny then at Duncan to try and get more support but he just stepped back. “I think you’re lying and we have all been following you around in circles and who put you in charge by the way?” he said looking at me. What is he going on about we have all been walking together no ones the leader what’s going on with him? “I’m going” Kevin said turning around and walking into the woods “come on Drake” he said looking at Drake who started to follow him. “Wait a sec guys we should stick together and-“I began “don’t bother” said Duncan “let them go we’re just heading up so they should be able to rejoin us if they want to”. I looked at him and Johnny really we are just going to let them walk away? I thought but in some ways I do understand maybe Kevin thought he could do better and wanted to try or...I dunno what to think, why did he leave? I looked back at Duncan who had begun walking up the road with Johnny so I ran to join them.

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