Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


3. The Nightmare Begins...

A day has passed and Mcreedy is still not back. Ken has told us that there has been no news of his whereabouts but he did tell us that Mcreedy may have gotten stuck or he could be staying there but just in case he has asked for people to start looking. I keep thinking back to Alice and what she has done could he have fell and hurt himself? I look around the cabin to see everyone looking worried and just hoping that something good will happen like- “Hey look” said Duncan pointing at the window “Kens calling people out must be news on Mcreedy” we all left the cabin to see what Ken had to say. “I’m sorry to tell y’all this but thing is...” oh god he’s hurt and it’s all because of the snake which is all because of us I think looking down at my feet knowing what’s going to be said next “They have looked for Mcreedy but they have only found his bag it was at the bottom of these rocks and they said it looks like he’s fell off and is hurt but attempting to find help”. So he’s alive but hurt? I suddenly think maybe I should ask but just as I raise my hand I hear someone shout it out before me. “Yes we do think he’s still alive but we have decided that due to these events you should all return home” said Ken apologetically “No way” said a voice in the crowd “I’m sorry but the bus company has sent out a bus which was meant to be here this afternoon come to think of it and it’s still not hear I’ll phone them up please pack your bags and remain in the cabins for further instructions” said Ken as he went into the office.

After the speech we all stood around talking about the events and then we all slowly walked back to the cabins and started to pack. “Come on Duncan” said Josh “you gotta pack even if Mcreedy does come back we are still going home” “he’s right” I said looking up from my bag “and Kens making a call to the bus company to see where the bus is so-” “sorry to interrupt guys” said Ken opening the door “but the company can’t seem to figure out where the bus has gotten to so they are sending a new one round and it should be here at sun down so make sure you are all packed up!” then he left. I could see Duncan dragging his feet over to his bag getting ready to pack so I turn around and get on packing my own. We all tried to talk but none of us seem to want to so the cabin just filled with silence again.

After packing we all sit on our beds and wait to see what’s going to be happing next then I spot people coming out of their cabins and we all get up and walk out. “Okay” said Ken sounding a little panicky “the bus should have been here by now so I am just going to take a walk up to the road to make sure they have not gotten lost the company has said that’s all they think has happened and they are not sending any more buses tonight”. “So you’re going to leave us?” cried out a voice from the back “I will be as quick as I can and the cook will be here he’s in the food hall sorting out stuff so if there is an emergency then you can call him okay? Now I must dash before it gets too dark just stay in your cabins and don’t come out unless I call you or there is a problem and don’t wonder off!” said Ken as he ran off heading towards the roads. “I don’t like this” a guy beside me “first Mcreedy then buses what’s going to disappear next?” “calm down Aaron!” said a girl beside him “honesty he over thinks everything!” she said as she showed a smile “now let’s go back to our cabins and have a lie down before the Ken comes with the buses it’s going to be a long ride home” I nodded and walked back over to the cabin with Johnny “so what do you thinks gonna happen?” he said looking up to me “I just think Kens going to come back with the bus and it might have found Mcreedy which is why it’s taking a long time” I said showing a reassuring smile Johnny tried to smile but I could he was scared “Do we really have to go to bed? Cause I don’t want to there’s too much going around in my head” he said at long last “Nah I won’t go to bed but we could talk if you would like” I said “oh I would like that a lot!” he said as his face seemed to light up.

After talking to Johnny for ages we all start to look out the window hoping to see Ken or a bus or something its really late but it’s not exactly dark the sky is filled with stars and the sky seems to be a light blue colour. I keep looking out and catch other people’s heads peering at the window looking out for someone and I have seen the chef a few times looking out of the hall and going in and out the office. I think he must be trying to reach Ken. Still I like looking up at the stars seen all of them sparkle what a lovely sight it is. “Did you hear that?” asked Josh as he got up from his bed “What?” said Duncan as they all hurried to the window next to me. “What is it?” asked Johnny. I could hear something but it was faint seemed to be a fair distance away but it was getting louder and louder and louder and then...We all saw it.

A scream filled the camp grounds and everyone rose up to the windows to see what was going on but we all expected to see headlights but instead we saw Ken running and screaming he kept looking back and we all looked but could not see what he was running from we could go out and have a look but I don’t think that would be such a good idea. Then Ken tripped up and fell on the floor he kept trying to get up but he could not he kept falling he was not taking his time. Then we saw what he was running from. A large man stood over Ken. He was wearing a long brown jacket he was also wearing a brown fedora and he had bandages on his face and on his hands. In his hands though...was an axe. I looked at the face of the man and it was greenish and brownish as if he has fell in mud or had been pulled along grass or something to make his face turn a dark green colour. His long black hair moved about in the wind and he looked at Ken with his horrible blood shot yellowish eyes. A grin crept over the man’s face as he lifted up the axe in his hand. He then laughed as Ken screamed for his life and screams.

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