Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


4. The Hunt

Silence had once again filled the camp as we all stood there at this man who stood over Ken’s body. The axe glistened with the fresh blood of the counsellor and a grin crept over the man’s face as he scanned the area looking for another body to plunge his axe into. Fear started to creep over me and I fell away from the window so he did not see me I looked around to see that everyone had moved away from the window too. I heard footsteps outside I wanted to look up to see what had happened and where this axe wheedling mad man had moved onto. I then heard a slam and I moved up without thinking but I noticed the food hall door just moved and the man was nowhere in sight quickly though I fell to the floor just to make sure he did not see me “well?” asked Duncan “what was it? What did you see?” I looked at him and the faces of the other two all of them were pale and freighted looking and I knew mine must have looked the same. “He’s gone into the food hall I think I saw the doors move” I whispered then I felt another stab of horror. The Chef. He was in the food hall last I has sure of it I saw him go in after looking in the office. “What’s wrong?” said Josh looking at me “the chef!” I said trying to keep my voice low “he was in the food hall and now so is that man”. Duncan looked up “This could be our chance you know” he said looking around the cabin “what?” I said “we could go out try to get to the other cabins or find something to defend ourselves with” Duncan explained as he moved back toward the window “and maybe we should help the chef” “What!” I said again a little louder than I meant too “you want us to go into the building with the mad man in it?” “Don’t worry there are lots of doors” Duncan said trying to stay calm “there’s two” said Josh. I looked over to see Johnny he looked paralyzed with fear so I moved over to him “Are we...going die?” he said as he grabbed onto my arm “no of course not we’re going to get out of here” I said trying to sound as confident as I could “but how? “He said looking at me, desperate for an answer “we can...” I broke off I then suddenly remembered the chef took a radio in the food hall with him I’m sure he did. “We can get help using the radio” I said looking at everyone “what radio?” said Duncan looking at me “the chef he took one in with him” I said “but I only though the counsellors had them” said Duncan looking confused “maybe Ken left him an extra one or something. It’s got to be worth a shot right?” I said looking at him “How do you know he has not already sent of help?” asked Josh I opened my mouth to reply but then “he’s right” said Duncan I closed my mouth trying to figure out who Duncan was agreeing with “we have a shot at getting help we can get to the hall and we can get help and if the chef has called for help then great but if not then we can” said Duncan looking at me. “Right Josh stay with Johnny, Me and Duncan will go in” I said as I stood up.

We opened the door slowly and then walked to the food hall trying to keep out of the view of the windows or the doors just in case he came out. I noticed people’s heads appearing at the windows but I kept focused on reaching the food hall without been seen by the mad man. “Stop” said Duncan raising his arm “look” he said nodding to the right I saw the back of the mad man he staggered along into the woods behind the cabins then I heard the door shut “must have used the kitchen door” said Duncan slowly reaching for the door. We both stepped into the dark food hall as I closed the door behind me the hall became immersed in darkness. “Here this should help” said Duncan turning on a touch. I was shocked when we saw the hall the tables were all turned and some where cut in half, walls had cuts in them and the whole room was a mess. “There” said Duncan pointing at the kitchen. We slowly made our way around the tables and saw the next victim of this mad man. “Must have put up a fight” said Duncan pointing out all the bruises on the chef’s arms. “Look!” I said trying to keep my voice low “the radio” Duncan went to get it but when he did it was broken in half “must have cut it” he said placing it back down. “What now?” I said trying to sound calm “Let’s just go out but through the front doors not the way he went out”. We went back to the door and just as Duncan was about to open it I stopped him “Listen” I said as I heard sounds coming from outside “to a table” Duncan suggested as we walked and turned one round so we could not be seen. “When it stops we’ll go out”.

After about ten minutes there was nothing so we moved back towards the doors and opened them slowly. A horrible sight met our eyes. The camp was in ruins. The cabins all cut up and smashed, blood was on the ground and there were a few more bodies lying on the ground and one was smashed through the window! As we walked out slowly looking for this man we saw the true damage of the camp. Some people were in bed and were lying there dead others looked like they had tried to fight and...Alice...There she was lying on the ground looking up at the stars I went up to her body and looked at her face it was her. I noticed water under her eyes, she must have been crying but given everything that’s happened I’m not really surprised and her body was in a mess it was all cut up and there was a lot of blood. I looked away quickly before I was sick “Come on” said Duncan pulling my arm “let’s find the others we cannot be the only ones alive”. Then suddenly there was a movement coming from the woods. We looked at each other and then back at the woods.

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