Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


7. The Buses

After walking for what seemed like to be forever we had finally stopped to sit down at the side of the road. “How long is this road anyway?” I asked looking at Johnny “I don’t know” he said “but it seems like it could be an old road or a one that leads to some isolated place seen how there are no cars or anything”. Right I thought. “Come on let’s get going there can’t be that much more left to go we have been travelling for ages! Look” said Duncan pointing up to the light amber coloured sky “its afternoon!” I suppose he’s right I thought getting to my feet we don’t want to be stuck here for another night! The faster we go mans the faster we can find help and food. “Okay” I said looking at Duncan “let’s go”. So we started to walk down the road once again hoping that the next time we stopped it would be for good because we had found help.

“Hey look up ahead!” said Johnny jumping up and down waiving his finger in the air at a...bus. There was a bus. No wait. Two. Two buses! “Yes!” said Duncan running towards them “come on lets go before they do!” “Why have they stopped?” I asked as we all ran towards the buses “might have a problem or could have dropped people off” said Duncan still running ahead of us all. “We are here...” said Duncan trailing off as we approached the buses. There were two buses and there were not moving and Duncan was right it was due to a problem...cause by an axe. I looked at the sides of the buses. They were covered with cuts and slashes, the windows all smashed and... The drivers stuck out of the window. “God” I said looking down “who could have done this” I said knowing it was The Woodsman. “So this is why the buses never came” started Duncan “The Woodsman must have killed the driver and destroyed the bus then waited in the woods for the other one to come so he could kill that driver too”. “Why did the bus stop in the first place though?” asked Johnny looking at Duncan “I think The Woodsman must have walked onto the road and the driver stopped to see if he was okay”. “Well lets go on” I said looking at Johnny and Duncan “there could be some stuff we could take radios, food, blankets anything” “We can’t drive it” said Duncan looking at the front of the bus that had been really damaged. “I don’t think we could have driven it anyway” said Johnny following me onto the bus. “We could have tried it may have been really easy!” said Duncan coming on to the bus. We all looked up a height and at the seats but there was nothing there but still we went to the back. “Hey look!” said Duncan “a toilet!” he ran down the small steps and opened the door. “There nothing in here except you know... a toilet” he shouted up to us as we searched the back of the bus. “What were you hoping to find?” asked Johnny “Well know something useful” Duncan shouted back up. Then I suddenly froze as I heard an insane laugh coming from the front of the bus. I slowly turned around to see The Woodsman standing there coat and axe covered in blood. “Hey what was that?” said Duncan coming out of the toilet but then he saw The Woodsman and jumped back down. But it was too late The Woodsman had seen him and now was fixed on him. Quickly I hid be hide the seats as did Johnny and I thought about what I could do. I looked around wildly for something to throw or distract him. I then looked at my shoes I could throw one. But then Duncan screamed and we looked up to see The Woodsman swinging his axe into Duncan’s body. I looked at Johnny and we both began to run out of the bus.

We ran quickly into the woods but it was not enough to lose The Woodsman he was still chasing behind us laughing wildly. “Ah!” I shouted as I fell towards the ground “Matt!” screamed Johnny as he ran back towards me “NO!” I shouted “Keep going I’ll be fine” Johnny looked at me and then ran off into the woods. I started to get up but I could not my ankle hurt so much. Oh God have I twisted it? I don’t care anyway I have to get up I said to Johnny I’d be fine and I can’t leave him in the woods alone not with The Woodsman. Not with what happened to Duncan, Emily, Alice and every other one of The Woodsman’s victims. So I gathered up all my strength and got up. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder and I could hear breathing. Shivers rolled down my back as I felt a breath blow against the back of my neck, I knew what was going to happen next. But, at least this nightmare is over...

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