Some Legends Are Better Left Untold...
Based on Scooby-Doo! Camp Scare. When dark and dreadful things start happing at a Summer Camp such as a missing counsellor and a bus people started to get worried but then their lives take a turn for the worst as the newest camper shows up an Axe wheedling mad man! Suddenly summer camp becomes a fight for survival as the campers try to get away and survive the mad man.


1. Better then than now...

“Welcome to Camp Little Moose!!! A place for fun, adventure and relaxation!” said the guide as we stepped off the bus and on the dirt. “My name is Counsellor Ken Wilson and I will be your guide through this action-packed summer I’m sure all of you have been waiting for! Working alongside me however is your other counsellor Mr. Jerry Mcreety”. I followed Counsellor Kens arm to see a man sitting on the food hall porch. He seemed to be sharpening a stick with a pocket knife and his lips were moving but he was not talking to anyone just muttering away to himself. He was very different from the other guy. Counsellor Ken had short red hair, freckles and looked like a strong breeze could wipe him off his feet. The other Jerry Mcreety seemed to have black hair tied back he looked strong, angry and scary. I think this is only due to the way he has been so far, sitting with a knife giving all the new campers a glance and then have this smile creep over his face. “Well come on Mcreety why not give the new campers a Camp Little Moose welcome?” said Ken with enthusiasm. Mcreety stood up and took a hat from be hide him. He walked over to us and looked down “The wilderness is a dangerous place” he began “animals, drops, traps can all lead you to a horrible fate...Death...follow my rules and don’t dare to even think to step out of line or I will leave you out there alone and fighting to survive”. “Now Mr.Mcreety-” started Ken “I mean it” finished Mcreety as he walked back to the food hall “I’ll help in the kitchen you show them around”. Ken seemed taken aback by Mcreetys welcome speech “Don’t worry folks he’s just wanting to make sure you all are gonna be safe here!” said Ken his enthusiasm slowly returning to him. “Now let’s show you your cabins!”

The food hall appeared to be massive from outside but inside it was not as big. I sat there staring into my soup suturing it around with my spoon trying to work out what could possibly have been put in it. Little green bits popped up then sunk bad into the red liquid. Could it be tomato soup? I thought but after the little incident in the line where Mcreety was asked what else there was and he screamed saying in the wild you eat what you find and try to survive so you can’t be picky. “Hey I’m Duncan” said a voice beside me I looked up to see a boy about my age smiling at me. He had short brown hair and eyes “we’re sharing a room together” He said trying to get me to respond. “Ah yes” I said at last “Nice to meet you I’m Mathew but everyone calls me Matt” “Nice to you Matt I’ve just been talking to our other roommates this is Josh” he said pointing to a rather large person with scruffy dark hair “and this here is Johnny” he continued pointing to a small person with huge glasses and freckles and blonde hair. “Hello nice to meet you all I’m Matt” I said trying to smile as best I could. “You can leave that if you want” said Josh looking down at my soup “I packed lots of food for the trip but I still have a lot left” I looked shocked here was this person who I’ve just met and he already wants to share food with me “go on leave it” whispered Duncan in my ear “we all are”. “I don’t think we should” said a voice we all turned to Johnny who was pointing at Mcreedy who looked like he was about to explode “You better eat all of that or you will have to find and prepare all of your own meals for as long as you are here!” He screamed to someone holding a half full bowl of soup. “On second though let’s just drink this red stuff and have some real food later” said Josh picking up his spoon. I looked down at the soup and slowly placed a spoon full in my mouth. The taste was foul it was lumpy, tasted like nothing but dirty water and it was cold overall.

After somehow surviving the soup he all made us eat we made our way slowly to our cabins. Me and Duncan took the bunk beds on the right of the room next to the window while Josh and Johnny took the one next to the door. None of us wanted to eat anything after that horrible soup I felt as though I was ready to be sick but I hated to be sick so I kept calming myself down and taking deep breaths while looking out of the window. “Top bunk or bottom bunk?” said Duncan to me “What?” I said turning around faster than I had meant to “Do ya want to sleep on the top bunk or the bottom one?” He said smiling at me “ can pick first” I said at last “well I have bunk beds at home and sleep on the top so can I sleep on the bottom?” “Sure” I replied walking to the steps. I stared to climb them and then lay in bed looking up at the roof. After all exchanging goodnights I drifted off to sleep thinking about what tomorrow would be like.   

“GET UP!!!” roared a voice from outside. We all woke up and ran to the door and there stood Mcreedy in the middle of the camp screaming for us to wake up and get ready for a refreshing swim. “A swim? He’s got to be joking it’s like 5 in the morning” Said Duncan “If there’s one thing we know about him so far it’s that he’s never joking” I said turning around and walking over to my clothes. We all gathered round the food hall looking at Mcreedy on the porch he stood there and shouted “you will swim in the lake and then after we shall return here to have some breakfast before continuing onto today’s planed list of activities. Counsellor Ken will not be joining us as he appears to have taken ill. Now follow me to the lake”. My heart sank the one nice counsellor has taken ill and we’re all stuck with the one we hate! “You really think he’s taken ill?” asked Duncan “I dunno” I said weakly “I heard that Mcreepys poisoned him” said a girl walking over to us “Alice is the name” she said “Hi Alice I’m Duncan and this is Matt” replied Duncan smiling back. “Nice to meet you both” she started “I heard that someone saw Mcreedy slip something into Counsellor Kens soup before giving it to him and I think it’s so Mcreepy can be horrible and try and teach us how he thinks we should be taught” whispered Alice. “I think-” I started before been cut of “Here is the lake, now line up along the wooden platform and get ready to jump in on my signal” shouted Mcreedy as we all started to form a line along the platform. I looked at the water it, dirty and you could not see anything in it. “Now” said Mcreedy but no one moved “I SAID NOW!!!” he repeated and everyone jumped from fright or shock I don’t know. We all turned to face Mcreedy who was looking at Johnny who had not jumped in. “What’s wrong with you?” asked Mcreedy “I...I can’t swim very well and I don’t like the water” stammered Johnny “Well if a bear was chasing ya you would...JUMP!!!” shouted Mcreedy as he pushed Johnny in the water. Johnny screamed as he fell in the splashed about frantically. We all swam over to him and helped him. I saw how much this seemed to annoy Mcreedy. After that horrible swimming lesson we returned to the camp and had breakfast in the hall. Luckily the breakfast was not as bad as the soup was last night. After a day of horrible activities we all returned to our cabins. We all sat on the floor eating some of Josh’s food because the food was again horrible so we tried to bin and get rid of it with Mcreedy seen us. Just then the door burst open and Mcreedy stood in the doorway looking at us “How dare you!” he shouted “we made you food and you leave it and come in here to eat all this foul food?! Well not anymore” He said taking the bag and snatching food from Duncan’s hand. He left the room and slammed the door behind him. “I HATE HIM!” Screamed Duncan “how would he like it if we were all as mean to him as he was” said Duncan slowly trailing off. “Guys” he said looking at us “I have a plan”.

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