Your Words Killed me

Skai's dead. Murdered with words from the mouths of her bullies. Read as Skai wakes in a pale blue room with a white room. She watches her life on the screen and relives them through her eyes.


2. Alone with pale blue walls

My eyes slowly flutter open as I'm greeted by a spinning haze of dimming light. I whisper a name in the screaming silence that surrounds me...There's no reply. I slowly lift my arms as I register the lack of light around me. I stand up in a jerking motion but my legs refuse to move, causing me to collapse on the floor beneath me. I let my hazel eyes wonder helplessly around the strange room as I try and register my surroundings. My head spins as the object beneath my rib cage pounds restlessly, the sound of a herd of stampeding bulls. I'm alone and I'm scared...I want to scream...Shout for help, but I already know the answer. There is no door, no window, and no source of light but the white screen that lays in front me. I rise to my unstable legs and circle the room. My head lies in state of confusion as I try to process my surroundings. I can breathe, my organs are workings perfectly fine but I'm just so confused, I think I need help.

  My head is suddenly flung back as the memories begin to flood my brain...I can see my last moments...Feel my body collapse...Watch as my breath leaves my lifeless body. It's too much to process; I’m too young to die. That's what they'll say at my funeral, the people at school and my mother. A gasp escapes my body as a waterfall of tears rush from my bloodshot eyes. I'm sobbing now as the realization now hits me. I'm dead. The things I wish I had said, I can't say anymore. The things I wish I had did, I can't do anymore. I'm screaming in frustration, my body shaking violently. Her name comes to me suddenly, her face, the last voice I heard before death flung my soul into its ever open jaws. I'm shouting now, my bruised fist smashing against the pale cold floor...over and over again till blood seeps from the cuts. I'm sobbing again; my tears are burning me as they flow down my red face. Violence overcomes me as I throw my body against the pale blue walls...Why me? But then I realize, why not me?  I begged for death anytime she spat her fowl words at me. I was nothing but dirt, a tiny unnoticed speck against the wild unique personalities of every one at school. At this moment, a bright light flickers slightly as my gaze lifts from my bloody hands to the white screen. I stare silently as my mum appears. Her smile is wide and her eyes are rimmed with tears of joy. I watch in a silent mist as she lifts my tiny body to the sky and gives me a name. I can't help but smile in amazement as I remember my mum's smiling face. Her eagerness towards my life. I'm hungry for more memories...I'm hungry for a smile on my fragile face.

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