Your Words Killed me

Skai's dead. Murdered with words from the mouths of her bullies. Read as Skai wakes in a pale blue room with a white room. She watches her life on the screen and relives them through her eyes.


1. Dying

Her words hit me, a speeding bullet. One second I'm stood there, staring into thin air and then she's there. Her short red hair glued to her head as her eyes turn to pinpricks. She glares at me, teeth bared. She could have easily been a vampire but even that would have below her supernatural thirst for evil. Her mouth opens and she spits out one word. The impact is a dagger penetrating my weak heart. Her cold breath reaches my spine and I buckle, My whole body slumps forward and I collapse...My head hits the floor...Hushed whispers surround me...The air is cold..I can't breathe...My eyes shut...Someone screams...I'm floating...

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