Did this movella in sixth grade I think... Anyhow, I found it now and are publishing it. I can't help laughing every time I read it - I know it's weeeeryyy bad written and yes, I did take some lines from The ugly truth. xD Bud I have edited a few errors so I think it's all good now... Or as good as it can get..

It's about Sophie (Apparently I like that name) who against her will get send to a summer-camp full of annoying kids. So as her self. She become friends with three girls who help her make the life miserable for the guys down the hall. But how easy is that when she fall for one of them?

I have a longer version of this but I haven't bothered to finish it. Once again, I had just seen The Ugly Truth when I wrote it.


3. Day two

The seacond day of camp after lunch are me and Natalie sitting on a little pier and watching the water.

"Last night was horrible" She says. "I didn't get to sleep a bit!"

"Then why are you not sleeping now? Julie and Chris are"

"They are? Oh, maby i should"

"It's okey for me, I'm just going to sit here anyway"

"Well... okey" She stands up and are just about to go. "Sophie...?"

"What?" I turn my head towards her. Then i see what she's seeing. Five guys are walking right at us. "Not good" i say and stand up. "What do you want?" I ask them when they're standing before us.

"Nothing..." A big guy named Mike says. "We just tough you where looking a bit warm so we came to cool you down"

"No thank you" I say and try to walk past them.

"Not so fast" The guy to the left named Terry says. He has really red hair.

"We're just being nice" Mike says.

"After what you did to us last night..." Luke say. I look at him. "You deserv it" Terry, a really smal guy -George- and the fift one -Bob- is taking Natalies arms and pushing her against the water. Luke and Mike are trying to do the same thing whit me, but i don't really like to cooperate.

"Back of!" I give Luke a evil look. Mike grabs my arm.

"Time to go" he says. I hear a big splash beside me. Mike and Luke pushes me at the same time so i fall, at the last seacond i grab someones clothes so he falls whit me. I surface the water as soon as i can. I can see that Natalie is already swimming towards the shore where some girls are sitting and staring at us. The guy i dragged down whit me comes up, it was Luke. I smile at him. He swim to the little pier and the other guys drag him up. I swim after Natalie. When i get to the shore Julie and Chris are standing and yelling at the boys. At least four of them. I don't even want to know what they're arguing about. I bet it's just going to make this another night up.


I'm walking the same path as i did yesterday. Last night it seemed a whole lot longer. Now i'm there in under a minute. I sit on the same rock as yesterday. After a wile i hear someone's comming. I'm just about to hide when Luke show up. Of course he's comming, just so he can make my life a little more miserable.

"What do you want?" I ask irretated.

"Me? You took my place"

"Well doesn't that mean that it's my place now then?"

"No...Or maby, but who cares? just go back!" He looks a little bit angry. I stand up and walk past him. Normally i wouldn't do that. "You'r just letting me win?" He sounds little chocked.

"Just for this once" I fake a smile for him and walk the path back. Julie, Natalie and Chris are sitting in a ring on the floor whit a pillow each.

"Here!" Chris trows a pillow at me. I sit down in the ring and plan whit them what we're going to do this night. After a few hours of planning we're walking to the boys room whit a roll of thread each. Natalie are holding up the door and we are trying to be as quick as we can whit setting up traps everywhere in the room. When we're done it looks like a giant spider has been in the room and made a web over every bed, wardrobe, bag and even in the door post.

In our room we can't help laughing. It's going to take an eternity to get out of there. In a while we actually manage to fall a sleep.  

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