Did this movella in sixth grade I think... Anyhow, I found it now and are publishing it. I can't help laughing every time I read it - I know it's weeeeryyy bad written and yes, I did take some lines from The ugly truth. xD Bud I have edited a few errors so I think it's all good now... Or as good as it can get..

It's about Sophie (Apparently I like that name) who against her will get send to a summer-camp full of annoying kids. So as her self. She become friends with three girls who help her make the life miserable for the guys down the hall. But how easy is that when she fall for one of them?

I have a longer version of this but I haven't bothered to finish it. Once again, I had just seen The Ugly Truth when I wrote it.


4. Day three

"Did you see how he looked? Pretty wierd" We're standing outside waiting for Monica to say something.

"I know!" Julie says. Olivia -the camp diva- walks past us.

"Immature" She coughs.

"What did you say?" Chris asks Olivia. "Did you finnaly admit that you'r behaving like a child? Is that why you always have you'r babysitter whit you?" She looks a bit confused. But she get togheter.

"You'r just jealous cause you don't have any real friends!"

"Oh, we're her real friends alright. I herd Mindy here saying to Ginnie that she hates you'r blouse yesterday" Mindy frowns. Olivia just holds her head higer up and walk away

"High five!" Chris burst out. We all give her a high five each. I look around and see that Luke is looking at us. He smiles at me when i look at him. But not in a nice way, rater a -IknowWhatYouDidLastSummer- kind of look. I give him a mean look and continue talking to the girls.

"Hello everybody!" Monica shouts. "Pair number 10 are going to do the dinner today, so you can go to the kitchen now. And pair number 11 are going to do the dishes"

"Oh no" I sigh. "I'm eleven"

"Poor you" Natalie says.

"I rather do the dinner"

"While they're doing the dinner you are going to have a soccer contest, I am going to go in and help them cook. But i belive that Peder will do an exellent job with you" Monica smiles at us.

"He looks kinda young" Natalie says.

"He looks kinda hot" Julie says.

"He looks kinda stupid" Chris says. They all look at me.

"Ehm... He looks kinda like a normal person..." I smile ironic. Thay laugh at me.

"Hot?" Chris looks at Julie. "You think that of everyone!"

"So what!?" After that Peder takes control of everybody and we start the games. Lucky we have two big fields. I have Chris in my team, wich i'm happy for. Because she is really good at soccer. We win the first game, wich leads to that we have to meet the team where Luke are. George from his room is in his team. George is the really skinny guy. After the game begun i try to tackle Luke once but it's not working, he is way stronger than me. At least i have the will, maby i can cause some bruises on him. I try to tackle him again but this time i do it in a different way so he actually falls. I'm about to laugh when i see him on the ground but then he kicks my legs so i also end up in the mud. It have been raining the whole afternoon and now it starts again.

"Eey!" I burst out. "That's not fair!"

"So what you did was?"

"Yeah, i think so"

"But i don't!" Luke stands up, so do I. I walk back to Chris.

"Are you okey?" She asks.

"Yeah, But if I can give back it would feel a whole lot better"

"Then lets do that!"


I am standing whit dish water up to my elbows and Luke are standing and watching me.

"Can't you do something?"

"Nope" I stare irretated at the water.

"Can't you just leave then?"

"Nope" He jumps up and sits next to the sink.

"Then take a towel and dry the plates" I trow a towel at him. He doesn't move a inch, he just sit and look at me. "Come on!" This time I trow scum from the dishes at him.

"Eey!" He dip his hand in my dishes and trow scum back at me. He finally jumps down.

"What'd you do that for?" I trow at him again.

"Stop it!" He trow at me and it lands in my face

"You stop it!" He turns his back at me. Not a good choise. I run after him and smash all scum that i have into his face from behind.. I am able to do all that before he stops me. He turns around takes my hands and hold them tight in one of his, he uses his shirt to clean the scum of his face. I'm able to see a bit of his belly under his shirt. I am almost about to say 'Wow' out loud.

"That wasn't smart" I have to look up on his face again. He's holding my wrists so tight that it hurts. He opens his mouth to say something but then the door opens. He let go of my hands as Monica walks in.

"Is it working fine?" She asks.

"Of course" Luke answers. I walk back to my dishes.

"And for you?" She asks me.

"Just fine" I smile at her.

"Then i don't have to be here" I want to say that she should stay, but i can't say I want her to stay just because Luke might continue what he started. I really don't want that to happend. That might end bad.


The four of us are tipping down the hall as usuall. We have made our own scum of the soap in the bathroom. We pour it over the boys that doesn't wake up till we're in our rooms. We lay in our beds and pretend sleeping. After a while we actually fall asleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night shivering from the worst nightmare ever. I can remember every detail how clear as possible. Suddently the room seems to small, i've got to get out of here. I jump down from the ladder and take my shoes who's standing right beside the door. I Walk out and breath the fresh air. I walk up to the cliff. I sit down on my rock and try to stop shaking. Why is this happening to me? In my dream there was a big coffin wich i was laying in, but i wasn't dead. No one of the people who was at my funeral realized that I was still alive. And i remember clear how stressed my mother was because she had a meeting she couldn't miss, she wouldn't even let the priest talk. She just wanted me in the ground as soon as possible so she wouldn't miss her meeting. I start crying, I try to stop it but i can't. I bend forwards trying to stop the hurt in my stomach. It won't work. Suddently someone touches my arm, I really hope it's Natalie. But i know it's not. I don't actually care who it is, I just care that it's actually someone. How much i hate that person's not important. I sit a little bit straighter and he put both his arms around me and holds me tight. I can't stop crying. Instead i put my hands around him too. He's not leaving me or standing back a bit, he's just there. After i while i stop shaking and crying. Luke slowely lets go of me.

"What's wrong?" He asks me. I look in to his eyes. It seems like he actually wants to know. So i tell him. I tell him all about my mother, how she's never there, She always working and she don't even love me. She don't even know my birthday. He listen at me the whole time, never look away. "You'r mother do love you" Luke says. "Every mother does"

"She's not acting like she did. She have never loved me. Why would she even?" He stares directly to my eyes.

"Because, she'd be crazy if she didn't" Is that suppose to mean something? I look away from his eyes.

"I gotta go back" I stand up. I'm suprised that my feet will still work. I walk away from him into the woods. I'm glad he don't follow.  

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