Did this movella in sixth grade I think... Anyhow, I found it now and are publishing it. I can't help laughing every time I read it - I know it's weeeeryyy bad written and yes, I did take some lines from The ugly truth. xD Bud I have edited a few errors so I think it's all good now... Or as good as it can get..

It's about Sophie (Apparently I like that name) who against her will get send to a summer-camp full of annoying kids. So as her self. She become friends with three girls who help her make the life miserable for the guys down the hall. But how easy is that when she fall for one of them?

I have a longer version of this but I haven't bothered to finish it. Once again, I had just seen The Ugly Truth when I wrote it.


2. Day one

Day one "Hello everybody! Welcome to summer camp! I'm Monica and this is Peder. We're going to be you'r camp leders for this six days. Now i know some of you not going to like this but our 'chef' is sick so all of you are gonna have to take turns cooking" Several protests. I'm just standing in my corner trying not to laugh, could this week get any worse? "We are going to group you two and two. The two of you will be doing every contest and game together, and also cook. Now you can go and unpack and when you hear my bell ringing you can all come down to the beach" Everybody starts crowding in the door. When i finally get to my room it's empty. There are one bed standing on the floor, and two double beds on each side of the room. The only bed that doesn't have any bags on it is the upper one to the left. Just as i am climbing up the little ladder three girls walks in the room. "Hi!" The red-headed one says. "We hoped you'd be here! I'm Natalie, and this is Julie and Chris" Julie has very blonde hair and looks kind of tall, Chris is almost as tall as Julie but she has a lot darker hair. "Hi" They both say. "Hello" I replie. "I'm Sophie" I give them a little smile and start climbing down the ladder again. "You'r not from here are you?" In just that moment the bell rings and we walk down to the beach. I am actually starting to like these girls now. They've told me so much about the people in this camp, i don't even remember half of it. But i do remember Olivia. The fift girl charing our room, apparently she's the camp diva.

"She's such a bitch!" Chris say loudly enough so the whole room could hear it. Julie hits Chris on the arm when she say that.

"Everybody's looking!"

"I know!" Chris smiles at Julie "Thats what makes it so fun!" We are sitting in the dining room and waiting for dinner. "While we wait" Monica shouts "I'm going to tell you which pairs you are gonna be in!"

"I want to be diamond king!" A guy shouts. Not many laughs.

"You can name you group if you want to" Monica answers. It doesn't look like she understood the joke. "I'm going to say a number and two names, the two who i count must stand up so you can see who you'r partner is. Number one, Robert Samphson and Chris Taylor"

"Poor Robert!" Olivia says when they both stand up. Olivia is in the middle of the room sitting on a table. She has brown hair and so much make up that i couldn't see if she had brown or white skin under all of it even if i tried.

"I'm going to kill her!" Chris say when she's on her seat again.

"Not so fun now are it?" Julie asks. Then Monica ceep saying names. When she finnaly say my name i stand up. I look at a guy whit dark hair and dark eyes. he doesn't look so bad, but then he roll he's eyes at his friend.

"I already hate him" i wisper when i sit down.

"Luke was here last year, but not before that" Natalie replies.

"I declare war!"


We're on a lake in a canoe or what ever it's called. It's not as easy as it looks to row. Well, maby it is for Luke, but nor for me. Suddently ha starts rowing in a different direction, against the shore.

"What are you doing?" I ask.

"What does it look like i'm doing?" He says.

"Being a bitch" I say quiet for my self.

"Hu?" Instead of saying anything i continue rowing as i want to. Towards the middle of the lake. But that just makes Luke use the fact that he's stronger than me. The canoe is beginning to sway from side to side.

"Stop it!" I say a little bit shrill.

"You stop it!" He answer me. So i stop. I take the paddle and lay it in front of me. I stand up in the boat and dive in the blue cold water. I swim to the beach. The three other girls is already there waiting for me.

"What happened?" Julie asks.

"I won"

"What do you mean?" Natalie looks like a questionmark.

"Just that he was being a total jerk, so i did what i had to do"

"I don't get it" Natalie say.

"thats the point!" I smile at her. "I can show you tonight"

"Show what?" She just looks more confused.

"You'll se" In that moment Luke walk past us agains the cottons. He gives me an angry look. I just smile back like i know nothing.


"Why are we doing this?" Natalie asks me. "Revenge! You know today when we where playing soccer, or yester day... what time is it? Anyhow, everytime the other team made a score Luke where just being mean to me... but i guess i deserv it, i did the same..."


"Oh, revenge!"

"Yeah, i'm in it just because it's fun" Chris say.

"You have a crazy idea of what's fun!"

"So you'r whit me?" i ask.

"Of course" they all answer.

"Okey, take a bucket each and come whit me. And Natalie, it's okey for you to hold the door right?"

"Yeah, i don't want any part of this" We walk as quiet as we can down the hall to Luke and the other boys charing his rooms door. Natalie open the door slowely so it wont make a sound. I trip over the floor to one of the dubble beds.

"One... Two... Three!" We all trow the buckets whit freezing water over the boys at the same time. I run out of the room whit the three girls before me. When we're in the hall we can hear how they start screaming. But they get quiet quick. I hope that not Monica or Peder hear them and wonder whats going on. While in our room we can't help laughing.

"They must be so shocked!" Julie wispers.

"I sure hope so" Chris says.

"Lets go to bed, so no one can see that we're up" Even Natalie seems exited. We all do as she said and go to bed. It takes a wile to fall asleep, but it happens eventually. I wake up in the middle of the night because i'm freezing, i'm about to drag my blanket further up when i realize it's not there. I look over to the other side of the room and i see that Chris don't have one either. Oh no, the guys must have known it was us. What have they done? I climb down the little ladder and wake the girls up.

"So immature!" Julie rise her hands above her head and yawn.

"Just like you then!" Chris climbs down her ladder.

"Lets just go and find them, they can't be far away!"

"I'm just glad it's summer so it doesn't get dark, and it's still warm outside" Julie says.

"You sound just like a commercial, click!" Chris points at Julie and pretends pushing a button.

"Oh, was that you'r head exploding? it sounded like a little biip"

"Stop it!" Natalie says. "Now, me and Chris can go looking inside and Sophie and Julie can look outside. If it's okey?" "Fine whit me" Julie says. "Come on Sophie" I follow her outside and we start looking. I go down to the lake and search in the boats. I get a bit confused when i actually find one, i didn't think it'd be so easy.

"You don't think it's any in here?" Julie shouts at me. She it pointing at the woods. I hold up the blanket i found so she can see. She comes closer to me.

"I can go look if you want" I answer her.

"Yea... If it's ok, I'm a little bit scared of the woods at night" She tells me.

"No problems" I hand over the blanket to Julie and walk in to the woods. I follow a little path that doesn't seem to lead somewhere. I am just about to turn aroud when the path just ends, instead i'm standing on a little cliff whit two big rocks facing the ocean. And it's stunning. I can't take my eyes of the horizon. I go and sit on one of the rocks. Then i notice one other blanket. So i'm not the only one knowing of this place? I'd better go back whit it. The girls might wonder where i am. I stand up again tough i don't want to. I take the blanket and start walking the way back. Before i ((come to the path)) i turn around one last time to see the wiew. Maby i'll come here tomorrow. When i walk in the room the girl's already there.

"I found one" I say and sit down on Natalies bed.

"We got the other two" Natalie says.

"What should we do now? Give back!" Chris answers her self.

"Im in" I say. "But how?"

"I've got one idea..." Julie says. We follow her to the kitchen where she takes out wipcream, honey and ketchup. I take the wipcream as we go back to the boys room. We litsen a while before we go in just to make sure they're sleeping. Natalie is holding the door open as we enter it so that we can escape quick if they wake up. I'm standing on the downer bed so i can see the upper bed and watch Luke sleep. Not in a creepy way. I take my can whit cream and spray it all over him. When i'm about to spray it in his face he opens his eyes. I get a bit chocked for a seacond but then I make a little click of cream on his nose and jump down to the floor. I wisper to Julie and Chris that it's time to leave. I can't belive that he didn't do anything to stop me.  

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