Did this movella in sixth grade I think... Anyhow, I found it now and are publishing it. I can't help laughing every time I read it - I know it's weeeeryyy bad written and yes, I did take some lines from The ugly truth. xD Bud I have edited a few errors so I think it's all good now... Or as good as it can get..

It's about Sophie (Apparently I like that name) who against her will get send to a summer-camp full of annoying kids. So as her self. She become friends with three girls who help her make the life miserable for the guys down the hall. But how easy is that when she fall for one of them?

I have a longer version of this but I haven't bothered to finish it. Once again, I had just seen The Ugly Truth when I wrote it.


5. Day four

The next day are all of us allowed to do whatever we want. Us girls are just sitting in our room trying to work a master plan for the night. It's not working so good. I mean, we all have ideas but not so weary great ones.

But when the night comes we have figured out a master plan. When it was still day we went diving and collecting sea weed and sea shells. We also collected a bucket full of mud. When we get into their room everything seems normal, until the light turns on. We all try to escape but they even have time to catch Natalie.

"Let go!" I say to Mike who's holding my hands behind my back.

"Why would i? Now that i have you right where i want you" I stomp as hard as i can on his foot and he lets go. I don't even try to escape because i know it's useless. Three seaconds later Bob is holding my arm. I smile at Mike who's clearly hurt.

"Good job!" Julie says to me.

"Thank you" I say and bend a little bit forward like i was taking a bow.

"Enough of the fun now..." Whitout any warning Monica steps into the room. Bob lets go of my arm.

"Girls, go back to you'r room. I don't wanna see any more fighting between you nine. And you two!" Monica says accusing and noddes first at me then at Luke. "If you two can't be friends or at least pretend that you are, i gonna have to send you home. I can't have any trouble makers at my camp, you've been doing this too long now" I stare down in the floor. "Alright?" No one answers. "Alright?" She says a little bit clearer.

"Sure" I answer.

"Okey" Luke says.

"Good! now go to bed!" We run back to our room. When in it, we can't help laughing.

"Can you belive that?" Chris asks. "She knew about this and didn't do anything"

"The worlds best camp leader"

"Univers best" I say.  

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