Did this movella in sixth grade I think... Anyhow, I found it now and are publishing it. I can't help laughing every time I read it - I know it's weeeeryyy bad written and yes, I did take some lines from The ugly truth. xD Bud I have edited a few errors so I think it's all good now... Or as good as it can get..

It's about Sophie (Apparently I like that name) who against her will get send to a summer-camp full of annoying kids. So as her self. She become friends with three girls who help her make the life miserable for the guys down the hall. But how easy is that when she fall for one of them?

I have a longer version of this but I haven't bothered to finish it. Once again, I had just seen The Ugly Truth when I wrote it.


1. Finally (or not) there

"Get down here now! If we're getting late sophie, i'm blaming you for it!" My mother shouts like her life depended on it. I take my bag and my diary in my hand while i'm trying to close the door. On my way down the stairs I put the diary in my bag. If my mom saw it she'd problably give me a lesson about how I should do more important stuf than writing a diary all day, which i'm not, I just write at night. My mom's already in the car when i get down, waiting for me just so she can yell at me. "What took you so long?" I'm barely in the car before she starts driving. "You know i'm on a dealine! I don't have time waiting for you all day, I could loose my job! You don't want me to loose my job do you? Without my job you wouldn't get clothes or food, and you'd may have to start living in the streets!" I don't even answer her. I better don't, she'd surely just start screaming at me again. "You'r dad said hi for you"

"Why didn't you let me talk to him?"

"You where to busy packing you'r bag" In some way my mom sounds like a total snob.

"I packed it yesterday!"

"It doesn't matter anyway, You'r father is a busy man, i'm sure he didn't have time to talk to you" I sit completely still for a seacond, did she really say that? I turn to the window. My dad would love to talk to me, i know that. It's mom he don't want to talk to. I sit quiet the rest of the trip. After a long driving we are finally there. In hell. "I'll come back in a week" My mom just drives away without even saying goodbye. "I may be gone by then" I say to the back of her car. What to do now? I see two buildings full of people, or maby not buildings, two big old, rotten, over sized cottons. I'm going to hate this week!  

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