In an Act of Passion

A poem I have written for the new picture prompt competition :)


1. In an Act of Passion


Your lips to mine is a moment of bliss,

Your lips to mine is a secret for us.

Such grace as our eyes close,

And steal a breath.  


When lost in a rapture of perfection,

No word is uttered, or whispered,

We’re drenched in words unspoken.


And when our lips touch,

We are surrounded.

A silver light,  

Sealing us for eternity.  


A single feathery touch to my cheek,

Is a sign of our affection,

In a world only you and I know.  


It was love that had me question all I knew,

What I thought was real and what was not.

It was love that guided me to you,

But it was you that lit the shadows on my face.  


It was you, who stole my breath away,

Who made me good and true.

It was you, who made me wild and crazy,

It was you who healed me.


Your lips to mine is an act of passion,

Of care, of true love,

To never be forgotten.  

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