One Direction - Forever Young

I know I've bad spelling and grammar, but that's why I'm writing this so please stop telling me :) And thank you for the one's who loves my fanfic I can't believe people is reading it :o I just wrote it to help myself getting better, but you guys are amazing, thanks again <3
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ATTENTION! I might do a second one :) What do you think?


9. The morning on my 16 year old birthday

"Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Niam, happy birthday to you". I woke up and I saw Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam and Harry looking at me. It was amazing! I looked around, but I couldn't see Jade anywhere. "Where's Jade?" I said. "It's okay honey. She'll be here in 5 minutes" Harry said and sat down on my bed. "We have a present to you! Open it" Niall said smiling. I looked at a big thing with wrapping paper on. I jumped down from the bed and ran over to the present. I opened it and inside was a little dog! "How did you know that I've always wanted a dog?" I asked. "Your Twitter profile" Zayn said. "You know what I'm called on Twitter?" I asked. "Yeah sure!" Louis said. I smiled so much and I said thank you and I hugged first Niall, then Zayn, then Liam, then Louis and when I came to Harry I hoped that he would just kiss me, but he didn't.  It was okay to hug him instead. Me, Harry and my dog sat in the bed and the other boys sat in the couch when Jade came in. "Look what I got for you" she said. There in her hand was a little eiffel tower where there was written "In a memory of your grandmother". I started to cry. But it was happy tears. How did Jade knew about my grandmother? "Thank you Jade! that present is just" my tears stopped me. I loved her! "Lets go eat breakfast" Niall said. Typical Niall I thought. I looked at Jade, we laughed. I felt Harrys hand on my back "lets go beautiful" he said with his sexy voice. I felt this warm feeling all over my body. "Sure" I said and looked him right into his eyes. He was so beautiful. We walked outside the door, into the elevator and drive down. We walked to a breakfast restaurant and I sat down on a round table. Jade sat on my left then sat Niall then Zayn then Liam then Louis then Harry and then me. I sat next to Harry. As we were ready to order Harry laid his hand on my hand that was on my thigh.

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