One Direction - Forever Young

I know I've bad spelling and grammar, but that's why I'm writing this so please stop telling me :) And thank you for the one's who loves my fanfic I can't believe people is reading it :o I just wrote it to help myself getting better, but you guys are amazing, thanks again <3
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ATTENTION! I might do a second one :) What do you think?


3. The flight

I was still waiting in the airport and I should sit there for an hour more so I took my grandma's photo album and looked at the photo's. She was so beautiful and I loved her. I wish I was just half as beautiful as her. She was stunning. After a while I heard  voice in the speaker saying "the plane to Paris will be boarding now" so I putted back the photo album and walked down so I could board. I found my seat. It was seat 1D and I sat next to a girl at my age so I thought we could talk maybe. "Hi, I'm Jade what's your name?" she said. "I'm Niam". She smiled and took a book from her backpack called "Dare to dream live as One Direction". "One Direction.." I thought "it was that band I saw a poster with in the airport". "Who's One Direction?" I asked Jade. "It's the 5 most amazing boys in the world! How can you not know them?" she answered still smiling. "I don't know.. I'm running away from my parents and I don't know anyone in Paris but it was just the first town I thought of" I said. "Oh.. but then you can go with me. I'm going to a One Direction concert though but you can join there's still a few tickets" she said still smiling. "Thank you lovely" I said to her. She smiled at me and closed the book again. She looked at me again. We started to laugh very much. We laughed so hard that we started to cry.

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