One Direction - Forever Young

I know I've bad spelling and grammar, but that's why I'm writing this so please stop telling me :) And thank you for the one's who loves my fanfic I can't believe people is reading it :o I just wrote it to help myself getting better, but you guys are amazing, thanks again <3
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27. The end :)

I was so scared. All I wanted was Emma, Jade, Harry and Zayn to be okay. Was that too much to ask for? I was scared of the operation, but all I could think of was that Emma needed that kidney. And she needed to wake up. "It my fault. If it wasn't for me Emma could just sit home and watch TV or play some games or whatever she wanted to. Now it's not even sure she'll be waking up again. I should just've stayed home from the beginning and then dad would just still punch me and then me and Emma could've got adopted to another family and we could have a perfect life! But then I would never have met you guys. I don't know what to do, but I just wanted a perfect life to Emma and now I ruined everything!" I said. "Honey, it's not your fault" Eleanor said and hugged me. "IT IS! If I hadn't said that we should run away and then I said that we could be driving. So yes it is my fault!" I said. "Please stop Niam. The doctor said to me that it was bad for your health when you got upset so please calm down. I praying for you. But I have to go good luck with the operation, I'm sure you'll be okay" Eleanor said, hugged me and walked away. "Good news Niam! Emma is okay. She got her kidney and in a week she can go home. And Harry and Zayn and Jade can take home today!" Daniella said. "YEY!" I said. I was so happy. And I could move. And I could talk perfectly and everyone was okay. It was the best thing Daniella could say it was perfect! "And after your operation tonight you'll be okay. The doctor figured out a way to make you walk so you'll check out the same day as Emma. So everything will be alright" Daniella said. I went on my phone and tweeted it! I was so happy. Now everything would be okay and me Emma, Jade, One direction, Eleanor, Danielle and properly Little mix would live happily. At least for a month. And all the hate would be okay as long as me and Harry were a couple. And I would be Emma's new mother. I loved my life!

The end! I hope you enjoyed my story :) Thank you for reading, love you <3

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