One Direction - Forever Young

I know I've bad spelling and grammar, but that's why I'm writing this so please stop telling me :) And thank you for the one's who loves my fanfic I can't believe people is reading it :o I just wrote it to help myself getting better, but you guys are amazing, thanks again <3
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ATTENTION! I might do a second one :) What do you think?


22. JUMP!

"NIAM!" my dad yelled outside the door. "NIAM LOCK UP THE DOOR. NOW!". I just sat on my bed and looked at Jade. "Niam who's in there except from you?" my mom said. "Jade and Emma" I said. "And? I know there's one more in there Niam. Is it Harry Styles? Are you a fan? Niam you're not old enough to have a boyfriend!" my dad said. "It's my choice not yours!" I said. Emma sat on the floor and I could see she was sad. I hated when me mom and dad fought. I said that she could come and sit whit me. "And Niam I bet you're only his girlfriend cause he's famous! You've always only wanted attention. NIAM THAT'S THE ONLY THING YOU WANT! ATTENTION!" my dad yelled. Everyone was in shock, but I wasn't. He had said worse and he used to punch me everyday so this was nothing to me. But then I looked at Harry. I could see his doubt. "No Harry don't believe him. He just want us to break up" I whispered in his ear. I could hear them go downstairs again. They was going to get the key to my room I knew that. "We have to get out! In two minutes they'll be back with the key! We need to we've got no choice" I said and opened the window. I looked down. "I've done this once before so it'll be okay. Emma I'll jump with you" I said and held her. We jumped. She landed on my so he was fine. Then Jade jumped. I could hear the door was getting locked up. "JUMP!" I screamed. Harry jumped. We started to run, but Emma was to slowly so Harry held her while we kept running. "Where are we going?" Jade asked. "I know a place" I said. We arrived to a little house I build when I was young when I wanted to escape from my mom and dad. "Wow! You build this when you was 6?" Jade asked. "Yeah. I've always loved to build stuff and then I made this" I answered. "ARG!" Emma screamed.

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