One Direction - Forever Young

I know I've bad spelling and grammar, but that's why I'm writing this so please stop telling me :) And thank you for the one's who loves my fanfic I can't believe people is reading it :o I just wrote it to help myself getting better, but you guys are amazing, thanks again <3
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ATTENTION! I might do a second one :) What do you think?


10. Eleanor and Danielle

The food was amazing and it was the best birthday ever yet! When we drove in a limousine down one of the small roads in Paris Harry took my hand. He did it so slow that no one noticed it. Only me. I got this warm feeling in my body. I looked into his eyes. I could hear the other guys where talking and I knew that they didn't notice that we were holding hands and that we were looking into each others eyes. He had the most lovely eyes I had ever seen. They were so beautiful. I felt like kissing him, but then I though that the other lads and Jade was here too. When we arrived to the Hotel again Harry helped me out of the car. I could see the paparazzi took pictures and it was kind of strange for me. We went to our room to change clothes and I took this very nice red dress on and I took my hair down from the ponytail I had earlier. I putted on a bit make up too. When I walked out of the bathroom everyone else was waiting for me. "Wow you're beautiful!" Liam said. I smiled, he was so nice. I looked at their clothes. Jade had a black dress and a ponytail. And the lads was wearing the same clothes. "I thought you was going to change too" I said. "Just come with us and then you will understand" Louis said. We walked into the limousine and sat there for a while. Then we arrived to this kind of house for gigs. We walked inside and One Direction walked backstage. There was no people at all. "I thought the concert was Friday" I said to Jade. "It is" she said. "But why are we here then?" I asked her. "Just wait and see" Jade said smiling. "Happy Birthday!" a voice said behind me. I turned around and right there they was! Eleanor Calder and Danielle Peazer! "Perrie couldn't make it, she's said she was sorry" Eleanor said. Eleanor Calder was speaking to me! I knew about her before I knew about the lads. I had always loved her! "Thank you" I said almost crying. But I couldn't cry. I had make up on. "Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Niam, happy birthday to you" I heard One Direction sing.

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