The story is about how me, a 12 year old boy got bullied, and is learning to ignore the comments and be myself.


1. Dont Listen.

Hi Im Josef And This Is My True Story.

Im a 12 year old boy.I go to school and i try to fit in.But for some reason that never really goes to plan.Alot of the time i get called names picked on.Its mainly becasue of they way i dress and the things i show intrest in.For example i dont think there is anything wrong with shopping in topman, I love clothes from their. But if i were them to school, i tend to get hurtful comments like 'Gay'.It hurts alot. I also have a pasion for music i love to sing and play the piano, and i also love dancing, but for some reason people seem to have a problem with it. What is really wrong with a boy that loves to preform? Alot of people call me very nasty slang words like 'Fag',people younger and older. So because i know how it feels i would never ever wish this on somebody else because i know how it hurts. Dont listen to others, just be free. Be whoever you want to be. Be yourself, All the time. And then your life, will be fine.                                                                                                                 


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