Too Far

When bullying gets too bad - who's fault do you think the end result is?
NB This story contains swear words, violence and mild sexual references.



Waxxy had been best friends with Allie since they were four, when they had realised they both liked the orange crayon the most. This was lucky for Waxxy, because at the age of four, no-one cared that he wore a hearing aid, had thick greasy ginger curls and had to wear sunscreen even in the winter. Once he had become firm friends with Allie, she didn’t mind about those things even when they were older and everyone else did.

Waxxy loved Allie- he had loved her since they had met, but in different ways. First he had loved her because young children love easily. Then he had loved her because she had always been his friend, even when no-one else would. Mostly he loved her because she was fun, and she was interesting. Now Waxxy was sixteen, he was starting to love Allie for her delicious curves, her slender arms and her lustrous auburn hair, as well as all of the other reasons he had loved her before.

 Waxxy needed Allie in his life because she was the only good thing he had. He was constantly fighting with his mother, and he had no patience for his hyperactive and destructive nine year old brother. He was even less successful with the other kids at school. In fact, that is an immense understatement. Waxxy was battered blue at least twice a week by Marty and his friends. Marty said that Waxxy was a freak. A retard, a scab, a flea-ridden virgin shit bag. Once, Marty had even ‘proved’ what a shitbag Waxxy was, by ‘washing’ Waxxy’s hair with a fresh dog shit from his crazed pet dog, whom he had trained to bite on command- something Waxxy was all too familiar with.

 Marty and his friends attacked Waxxy whenever they got the chance. They had wrecked numerous schoolbags, they had kicked in his locker, torn shirt after shirt and even on occasion taken a chunk of hair or few teeth from Waxxy. But the worst of all happened one Wednesday afternoon. Marty had learnt of Waxxy’s treasured St Christopher’s medallion, the only relic Waxxy had of his dead father, and he wore if every day around his neck.  Marty had ripped it from Waxxy’s neck in the school toilets one day and Marty’s friend Chris had held Waxxy back, as he was cried and pleaded for his medallion back, as Marty shoved it down the neck of a passing year seven, causing the year seven to gag and choke- Marty was relentless, smirking at Waxxy, enjoying his pain. Eventually the year seven threw up, crying, but he kept Waxxy’s medallion down, much to Waxxy’s dismay and Marty’s pleasure.

Waxxy had cried for hours afterwards, on the rugby field. Allie comforted him. Allie was crying too, Waxxy assumed she was upset at his pain, or the cruelty that Marty had shown. She looked after him all evening, and explained to the situation to Waxxy’s mum, who thought that Waxxy had just lost it and made up an elaborate lie to avoid getting into trouble. She slapped him after Allie had gone home.

Again, Waxxy was incredibly grateful that he had Allie, without her he would not have survived that day. He had no family to turn to, no other friends and no hope, without Allie. Allie was all he needed and all he knew.

To cheer him up, Allie spoke to Waxxy about a party they had been invited to that Saturday. The host was cool enough to throw a good party, yet not cool enough to have invited Allie and Waxxy just to ridicule them. Waxxy had high hopes for this party. He was going to kiss Allie. He was going to tell her that he loved her, and they could be together, proper girlfriend and boyfriend like he had always wanted.

When Saturday came, Waxxy bought a new dark grey shirt, and new, designer jeans. He had been saving up for months for an opportunity like this, yet luckily he still had enough to take Allie out for a nice meal when they were proper, real, boyfriend and girlfriend. Waxxy even snuck into his mum’s wardrobe and stole a squirt of his father aftershave from her supposedly secret memory box. Waxxy stood in front of the mirror. He took a deep breath. He could do it and he would. This would be the best day of his life, and nothing, not Marty, not his family, not anything, could spoil it.

Waxxy strode out the house with a bottle of vodka,act of thievery against his mother. He was walking to Allie’s house, as he was to walk her to the party. She stepped out of the door and she looked stunning. She was wearing a short black dress and glittering black eye make-up, and she smelt delicious. Waxxy grinned, and complimented her. She linked arms with him as they walked the half mile to the party together.

They were greeted at the door by the host, and Waxxy quickly sorted out shot glasses for himself and Allie, as he knew that after two or three vodka shots, he would have the courage to finally ask Allie out.

They had had some alcohol, and they were feeling relaxed and happy. As the party stepped up, Allie left Waxxy for a while, as she had other friends to talk to, unlike Waxxy. Waxxy was sat on the sofa, alone but happy, when he felt someone sitting beside him. Thinking it must be Allie (who else but the perfect Allie would sit next to him?!) Waxxy turned, and found himself nose to nose with Marty. Marty grinned his maniacal grin and grabbed Waxxy’s bollocks, making him cringe and flinch. Waxxy panicked, he pulled himself away. Marty would not ruin this. Waxxy was going to get Allie; she was going to be his girlfriend! Waxxy had vodka, he had to find Allie, he could take her to the nearby park. They could have a private party- it would be romantic! Waxxy sprinted into every room in the house, he had to find her. Waxxy had searched every room in the house – where was she? Panic shot through him. Had Marty and Chris and all of their horrible friends hurt her?!

The garden! The last place she could be. He shot out the back door, and saw her. But this didn’t relieve him. She was sat, with her back to Waxxy, next to Chris. And she was kissing him, with tongues. And he was touching her, her back, her waist, her legs, her stomach. Waxxy froze -what he heard chilled him to the bone.

Chris asked Allie about him. Him. Waxxy. She made a whining noise. She said she had already told him about the medallion. Wasn’t that enough? She didn’t want to hurt Waxxy. Chris told her he would be her proper boyfriend if she told him more. If she was his double agent, forever.

Waxxy crossed his fingers. She wouldn’t. So she made a mistake, he could forgive that. She loved him, she loved him. She was all he had. He stood, aghast as she told Chris yet more. She told Chris about Waxxy’s mum, about Waxxy’s pain, how he had cried for hours.

Waxxy ran. He ran away. She was all he had! All he had! And she knew it! She was a bitch! Such a bitch! She has ruined his life. Ruined it. Waxxy was broken. Devastated. He could not cope with Marty and his mother without Allie. And he could never trust her after this. BITCH! SLUT! WHORE! HOW COULD SHE!? He was going to ask her to be his real, proper girlfriend!

This was the last fucking straw, Waxxy was going to act. He searched the tips behind the local shops and restaurants, and found what he was looking for. A weapon. A large metal bar. Waxxy strode back to the party. He searched each room with a crazed look in his eye. The other party guests were scared, but Waxxy had always been so mellow. He would never hurt anyone... would he?

Marty was scared. He was stood on the stairs when he saw Waxxy, striding towards him, eyes darting, fingers twitching, bar shaking. But Waxxy shoved past Marty. He strode into the master bedroom. Chris was on top of Allie. They were both naked. Chris was writhing and pumping on Allie’s beautiful, perfect body. His face was screwed up in a horrible grimace and Allie looked perfect. Her eyes closed in serene pleasure, which completely pushed Waxxy over the edge.

He shoved Chris off the bed and raised the metal bar high over his head as he stood over Allie. He was suddenly powerful, suddenly in control. He brought the metal bar down hard on Allie’s legs, her arms, her breasts. He avoided her face, there was still a little part of the real Waxxy left in him that couldn’t hurt Allie, he couldn’t hurt her perfect face. But fuck the rest of her. He brought the bar down again and again on her thighs, screaming that he loved her. He trusted her. She was all he had. He was going to ask her to be his girlfriend tonight. He bought a new shirt. A new shirt!


'And that, your honour, is how Mr. Alan Waxx describes what happened on the night Saturday 2nd June 2012.'

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