Love Poems♥

Collection of poems, about love, bit cliche, sorry, but it's kinda my first attempt so yeah:p


3. Childhood Wrinkles

It started when we were little kids,

When we sealed our friendship with a kiss,

Eyes closed, eyelashes and eyelids,

Whenever you were on my swing, I was in bliss.


You gave me a lollipop ring,

And you protected me like there was no tomorrow,

And when you went, I felt my hear aching,

The simplest words would make me smile, the smallest 'hello.'


When we were teens, we began to talk,

Talk about our feelings, our love,

And thanks to you my heart is locked, by a padlock.

Only you can get inside, my perfect dove.


We reached into adulthood together, the time where love is tested,

A time where you wondered how you lasted so long,

Kisses shared and anniversaries celebrated,

So with you, I know I belong.


And now we are old and grey,

Not what we used to be, but guess what?

There is nothing that will drive me away,

Because I love you; believe me- a lot.





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