it's in english, 'cause i wanted to do that too ... enjoy! ^_^


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She is walking through a dark forest, but she has no idea how she got there. She is lost and she doesn’t know how to get home. If just, if just she hadn’t met him.


He was new at school, he was breathtaking, and she could nothing, but to fall in love with him. The first week of his appearance had been going well. She had been trying to get his attention, and as far as she could see, it had worked.

Indeed, he had been more attentive, than she thought he should. Every time she pulled herself together, to take a little sneak peak at him, he had been watching her. There was something haunting, about his eyes. She had been dreaming about him every night, since the first time she saw him. But she hadn’t seen him talking unless necessary, so he was always silent in her dreams. Always moving around like a predator, a cheetah waiting to kill it’s pray.    

She was the girl every guy wanted to go out with, and every girl wanted to be. But he made her nervous, and she felt like all her confidence, just suddenly disappeared, when he was close to her.

Days had went by and nothing evolved, so she had decided to go talk to him, ask him about why he didn’t talk to her, why he didn’t stop starring. That had got to be the most stupid thing she ever done. But she did not know that. So she went over, but halfway across the school cafeteria, she stopped, suddenly wanting to punch him, why was it necessary for her to take the first step couldn’t he just say “hi”, and what’s with the starring. She got full of anger; she had never been the one to take the first step. All the other boys swarmed around her like bees on a honey jar. So why was he so difficult?

At night she hadn’t been able to sleep, she had been turning and twisting, every time she had been closing her eyes, she had been seeing him, standing in front of her, with two canines in the top of his mouth, he had been leaning towards her, and there was blood everywhere. She had woken up with a scream, which made her mom and baby sister running in to her room. The nightmares were getting worse, but they had something In common with each other; he was in them.

She had called the number on the class list. She was determent to get to know some things about him. When she called, no one answered the phone. That had been weird at the moment, but the last couple of days she had been used to a lot of things, she would never had could imagined. She took a quick decision, and went to the address written on the list.

When she got there, there was nothing but a small garage, no house, no mailbox, no nothing. Nothing more than a ramshackle garage with house number on. She had been worried about her, going to the wrong place, and it was not comforting, that the sky had gotten completely dark, and she was nowhere near anything. The fog was surrounding her, and she went straight for her car, something was watching her, she could feel it. The fog was so thick, that she couldn’t see a thing, she wasn’t even sure if she was going in the right direction, towards her car.

She could feel something starring at her, something big and definitely not friendly. She felt the icy wind, as cold breath on her neck. She could smell the fresh and forest-like smell. And she had been feeling the tension in the air.

Out of nowhere, he had been suddenly appearing. There had been a happy expression in his face, which made it shudder down her spine. He had been so nice and gracious, that she’d been so baffled. He had been taking her right to her car, and they had been driving back to her house. Her mom, dad and little sister had been asleep, so they sneaked up to her room. Surprisingly he had been talking a lot, and she had felt some kind of deep connection. It had been like the first day at school where she saw him the first time. He had asked her something; if she were ready to give up everything for her true love? She had been saying “yes” to that question, without knowing why, but at that time it just felt like the right thing to say.

The next days he had been telling her little bits of his life. Some things she hadn’t believed, until he showed her. Like the fact that he was a vampire. She had been unconditionally in love with him, and she did not care what he was. He had been telling her about the only thing that could kill a vampire; the werewolf; the children of the moon. The only thing that could kill the werewolves was a silver bullet.


The forest ended and huge werewolves were howling in victory. She knew it was over, when she saw the big alpha male hunch his back, getting ready to jump for her.

She woke up. She remembered his cold lips, and his sharp teeth at her throat, making her what he already was. She remembered the fear, the tears rolling down her cheeks, as she realized that she would never be able to see her family again. And at last she remembered the snarling werewolves that had now killed her true love. She knew what she was becoming, and she knew that she had to leave her mom, dad and baby sister.

She could never be seen. She had to live hidden, in the shadows. Forever as the wind: Transparent.   

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