Love Fit for a Straight Jacket


2. Behind the Willow Tree

Sally Thrushel was a common maid in my household. One evening I wandered over to the willow tree, where I often found him  whittling wood. That day all I could have expected to find was Edison, or an undisturbed lake. I did not however expect to find my ambitions and meaning in life dilapidated to a assortment of shards, puncturing my already broken heart. When I arrived at the willow tree I found Edison’s lips softly implanted on Sally Thrushel’s, their eyes shut and their bodies close.

Hiding  behind a trunk I collapsed to the floor sobbing silently. The sound of my fall to the ground pried apart the two traitors, who then ran hand in hand into his hectors of land. Seeing the two made me heave and whimper simultaneously. I had hoped Edison felt love towards me, as I had for him. It appears I had been deceived.

Immediately I sprinted to my prison of a home to inform my parents. Once through the front door I scurried to my father’s study, a room I had never entered before. I was worried at the time that the presence of me in his headquarters would detonate his bellowing voice, and fierce rage. But, I could not let a passing fear ruin my future.




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