Love Fit for a Straight Jacket


1. Expectations

Since a young age I’ve know what was expected of me; to marry Edison. He and I are the offspring of two notably wealthy families. These two families the descendents of founders of the two most successful companies, in the United Kingdom. Our families were close in a business nature; a business nature was the only real nature they possessed. Edison and I were both siblingless, which meant we were our parent’s only hope of keeping the company in the family. Though with a recession engulfing our nation, the businesses were losing power. The only solution was to merge the two; the problem then became the question of distributing the power between the two families, and the guarantee the whole enterprise would be kept family based. The strongest contract was of course marriage, especially between our undoubtedly religious relatives.  

In my household, I can count more ornaments and chandeliers than occasions I’d spent with my parents; this did not bother me, in fact I think I prefer it that way. Those two money orientated beings that spawned me are not people who are pleasant to keep company. My childhood consisted of private education in a class of one, and Edison. He was the only company I had. Perhaps there were no other children my parents approved of, or maybe they planned on forging a bond between us from an early age; the reason ,unknown.

It may seem odd that from the age of twelve I was aware of my unofficial arranged marriage; but to me it is the typical type of news to be informed of. My lifestyle is rich, but the quality of life is no different from a common pig’s. I am fed and breed for a sole purpose, until I am ready to fulfill that purpose I am prepared without love nor compassion.

I have but one joy in my life, Edison. After being acquainted at the age of five, I fell quite in love with him. At the mention of his name my mind would wander to our future, at the sight of him my soul would levitate above me, for only a spirit, not a mere human can lay eyes on something so remarkable. Thoughts of him kept me functioning in my grand, eerie house. Though decorated with antiques, imported rugs, custom furniture the building was no more a home to me than a cave. I could even go as far as saying I’d rather inhabit a cave, than that en-caging mound of bricks.

He was all I cared for in this world. He was the fire in me that forced me to tolerate all I despised. He was my future and I was his. Until Sally Thrushel intruded on the whole engagement.

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