It started with a wolf


2. Old friends

The house was empty, no furniture, no mess, no sale sign just some spare clothes. I checked the kitchen and as soon as I entered, a wave of rotting meat flooded through my lungs. I checked over the stove to find a small turkey swarmed with flies. "That turkey has been there for two years!"spoke a voice from behind me. I spun round frantically grabbing the rolling pin that my mum must have used for making Yorkshire puddings as remnants of stale batter was glued to one side. A large blond hair boy stood in the door way. "So my instincts tell me you're not from around here, anymore. Am I correct?" I just stared at him, disturbed and suspicious. I stayed silent. "Cat got ya tongue? You're not the most chattiest person I know, that's for sure." My mind began to fog up  "What are you doing here? This is my house!" This is my house... The words crossed my mind over and over again.  "Look if you really are considering to hold this little game on longer then I might as well refresh your memory!" I stared at him in disbelief. 'Refresh my memory'? What was he talking about? Carefully, he took me by the wrist and walked me to the fridge. "There." He placed his finger on a framed photo, stuck on it. I was there. I must have been about five, dressed in a furry deer costume. Posing, ridiculously, next to me was a tall, blond boy who was just skin and bone but was dressed as well in a deer. Behind us was a giant man. Toby I think his name was, who always frightened me. Toby was in a grey wolf suit and pretended to snarl and eat us; he knew my fear of wolfs. "Michael?" I frowned as the words came out of my mouth, in case I was wrong. "Olivia!"

We had always been best friends and we were inseparable. The very first day we moved to this farm, Michael and his parents came to visit us. I was only one but so was he and we still became attached. When we were four I  had my first party. I invited everyone but I sent about a dozen invitations to Michael so that he would come. After he visited I didn't no where to go. I should have went to Michael but I kept running. For years I convinced myself that the only reason I never asked for his help was because I didn't want him to be in danger, but it wasn't true, I was scared. Scared enough to just run into the middle on no where and starve to death. Leaping into his arms, I gave him a giant hug. After a while of serving ourselves to any left overs, we eventually discussed what had happened. "I could have helped you!" Moaned Michael.                                                     "You would be dead if you did!" I snapped back, glancing over my shoulder to only find a small nest of birds (for some reason, I imagined my family would come back into the house as if nothing had happened) Silence filled the room.                                                                                                                                                     "Look at you," Michael must have wanted to fill the awkward silence, "It looks like you've ran through a bush!" I  glanced at him with a look that roughly translated- 'Are you serious?' but I knew he was joking. "What do I do?" he looked puzzled, "People, everyone, think I'm dead-" Michael jumped up out of his seat and ran upstairs. Quickly and clumsily, I followed after. "Here!" He handed me a small parcel, decorated in red wrapping paper and decorated in a coat of dust. "You disappeared before your birthday, I know you were missing for more than  one year and I did buy you other presents but mum took them away." I tried to take my eyes away from the parcel but they were stuck tight. "For four years you bought me birthday gifts." He dropped his head down, "I'd imagine you thought I was dead too?" He looked at me with one eyebrow up the other down and smile spread on his face then wrapped his arms tight \around me whispering 'Not a single moment did I think you were dead!' All of a sudden he pulled my head under his arm and rubbed the top of it. I tried my most convincing laugh but cries of pain occasionally slipped out. Eventually he stopped and pushed the present in my face. Carefully, I opened the lid. Inside was more paper, then more and more. Inside was a small box, most likely a jewelry box. Empty! Michael chuckled to himself



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