History Wields A Sharp Knife

Alex is wanted, wanted by men for her elfish looks and complete disinterest, wanted by friends for her gentle charm and permanent child minding availability, wanted by her class for her anecdotes of life in a world removed to her typical 8 year olds, but more recently, since she was reported missing, wanted by the police. David Smith or Green or Joe Reddington or whichever alias felt good that day, he wanted her most of all and today he has his catch, today he has Alex.


1. July 2011

My first thought was pain, later I would call it mild discomfort, either way I awoke to an arm twisted and squashed under my weight, vying for attention with the pulsations of pain in my forehead. It didn't last long, not even seconds, confusion wins, I really had no idea where I was, why not? I am in a box, the world is black, not dim, completely black, I can see nothing, but I'm feeling claustrophobic, my legs won't move, the air is tepid and used, has a familiar smell that I can't place, my arms flail and hit strange black forms, walls, but nothing moves, nothing gives and the box stays firmly shut..

I'm scared, I shout out "Hey!, Hello, Hello, Is anybody there?", no reply. 

I kick the box, the box seems to kick back, it bounces me and the world slides to the right, I can hear a noise, a drone, am I travelling? Trying to focus my hands become my eyes finding metal, following seams, the floor is carpet but not flat, Christ I'm in a car, in a boot. Mobile phone, would be in my bag wherever that is, fingers scouring, scouring where they can reach, any chance that my bag was thrown in here with me, but no. Ok search for a boot release tag, I have seen these in some cars its often not much more than a piece of glorified string, hoping to find a way out I'm scouring some more, I stab my finger on something sharp I don't know what but it seems part of the wall.

Fingers find the latch, I push, pull, lever, try and get some movement in it, something to pop the boot open but it feels more solid than the walls. I go back to shouting until I'm breathless, it doesn't take long, breathing wasn't easy to begin with. I am so scared now, what can I do? The car slows but hope fades as it speeds up again, and then I don't know what I am hoping for anymore, do I want the car to reach its destination so I can get out, I'm scared of being here, but I'm scared of stopping too. Questions race to smack me in the face, how long have I been here, how did I get here, where is the car going, who is driving and most of all why me?

Ok I am listening, listening for clues, they do this in films, someone manages to contact the police and they say well I just heard the church clock and the ferry departing from pier 36 so if you triangulate my position and free me up there all will be happy ever after. So I listen, and I hear the road, it sounds like a road, it doesn't sound like a special road, I don't hear much other traffic, I don't hear any bells or any Hollywood ferry horns, I hear a road.

I shout some more, I kick some more, the metal flexes but then flexes back. I don't know what to do. Tools! Under the carpet should be a spare wheel and with it usually a spanner or I don't know just something that maybe would help, I know for sure most cars have renewed hope secured with that spare wheel, it's used in particular emergency situations like mine. My fingers find a crevice, they find the edge of the carpeted floor I'm lying on.I try and pries it up but I'm fighting my own body weight. the edge lifts, maybe a centimeter and I strive to reach for a better grip, the floor snaps shut, I try again, there's no way I can lift it out, there's no space for it, but if I can snap it, if I can snap a hole and get my hand into the tools section, that's where Ill find escape.

I try again different edge, less of my bodyweight on it, it raises slightly, bows a little, I can hold it like this for a while but its taking both hands and I can't reach underneath. If I could jam it open, just a little, I think shoes it's the only thing I have. My hands reach down to the straps and I manage to free my left shoe, there are no elegant motions in this space, I manage to kludge my way to getting a grasp on a strap and pull the shoe close to my head. The toe end would be useless the sole would bend too much, but I have hopes for the heel, fingers find the edge again, I put the shoe next to it and start to lift the edge, I lift it just enough to squeeze the shoe in the gap, and cautiously I let go of the floor. The shoe jumps away and the floor staunchly remains flat. I try again, I reach for the shoe and pries the floor ajar, again I move the shoe into position and release give in to the force of floor snapping down, this time it eats the shoe. I can feel the front of the shoe poking up the lower part is beyond the gap, I grab the shoe and pull on the straps, the angle is wrong, takes more effort to move the floor a smaller distance, then snap and my hand springs away striking the metal roof, my grip slipped and the floor is as flat as my hopes.

The road noise changes, I don't know what kind of road we were on before and I don't know what kind we are on now but it has changed, its crunchier now. God I'm scared. The car slows, the car stops, I can hear my own pulse. What now, do I shout? I hear the door open and the driver gets out, the box shakes as the door shuts. I have to shout, I shout, 'Hey Hey Help Me Please, Help Me' I'm kicking the car, trying to generate as much noise as possible, silence, then footsteps near. 'Im trapped in the boot, let me out please!'. Nothing, no sound. 'Hello is anyone there?" I hear footsteps starting to leave. "No No wait comeback please please!!!" A door opens, a door closes, no sounds. What the hell is going on?

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